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Mini models of the future

BMW reinvented the Mini brand when they took ownership of it in the year 2000.

The traditional Cooper model is no longer the lone ranger; Mini has a crossover offering in the form of the Countryman and sport-orientated variants like the Mini Coupe and Roadster.

BMW is teasing us with what Mini models of the future could look like, with a range of futuristic concepts - that still retain the characteristic Mini aesthetic hallmarks.

Concepts like the Beachcomber (pictured) are typically Mini: quirky and individualistic. The Beachcomber is meant to be a modern day iterpretation of the classic Mini Moke, which had an open-air bodystyle. A signature feature of the Beachcomber is its "Centre Rail" - to which a mobile phone, cool box, a laptop or GPS tracker or food box could be attached.

But we think this Mini beach buggy is unlikely to materialise into something you can buy.

The Rocketman Concept, however would seem more realistic - especially since Mini made a follow-up model of the concept recently, following its debut in 2011.

It looks more compact than the Mini Cooper - if it ever sees daylight, perhaps it would be touted as some sort of Mini lite.

According to BMW, the Rocketman Concept "combines innovative ideas for personal mobility in major cities with classical, unmistakably British design features for the interior and exterior."

It even has a roof with an illuminated Union Jack flag.

Date Published: 2012/08/08
Author: Staff Reporter