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The story behind Surf4cars' Aston mascot

Using cars as a canvas for brand awareness is not a new idea.

Companies have always been using vehicles as a tool to garner attention: think of ads-on-wheels like the Red Bull Mini Cooper with a giant can affixed to its roof, or the fleet of bright yellow Volkswagen Beetles employed by recruitment agency, Transman.

While our competitors – we won’t mention any names, might use humdrum hatchbacks to fly their company banners, we decided to do something different.

Take a supercar, add the striking Surf4cars livery and hey presto: you have one of the most exciting moving billboards ever.

Our Aston Martin V8 Vantage, which we took delivery of in May 2012, has settled comfortably in our care. The connection between the car and our brand is firmly etched in the minds of our advertisers and users.

She takes over from our previous mascot, a Porsche 911 GT3.

So far, the Aston has covered around 5000 kilometres in our tenure, mostly by Surf4cars’ owner Charles Grassie – the privileged man charged with the task of caring for the British Beauty.

The Aston has ferried us to events like the McLaren MP-12 track day and also provided the perfect toy for the Surf4cars Driving Experience competition held in May.

Miles Flohr, the lucky winner, was handed the keys for a stint in the Aston as well as another supercar of his choice from Pharoah Auto Investments in Sandton. Flohr chose a gleaming black Porsche 911 Carrera 4S.

Obviously, he was enamoured by both, likening the Aston Martin to a playful blonde and the Porsche to an attractive, more conservative brunette. He said he would definitely take the blonde home if given the choice.

In addition to serving as our brand ambassador, we plan to do some interesting things with the Aston Martin.

There’s only one issue we have: our Aston doesn’t have a name.  Any suggestions?

Feel free to leave your ideas on our Facebook and Google+ pages.

Date Published: 2012/08/23
Author: Brenwin Naidu