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Fiat-Chrysler marriage celebrated

The marketing team at Chrysler Group was sanguine about the future, in their celebration of the merger with Fiat Group Automobiles at the weekend. Employees and the media were in attendance.

The marriage has already borne fruit: Chrysler’s very existence in 2012– despite being on the precipice of bankruptcy not so long ago - is testament to this. In their 2011 final quarter report, the Fiat-Chrysler Group declared that all financial targets were either achieved or exceeded. Their revenue figure stood at €59,6 billion, compared to the 2010 figure of €35,8 billion.

Indeed, it would seem that pooling resources and synergizing efforts could turn the two into a monolithic force to be reckoned with in the automotive industry – especially when you consider the array of dynamic brands that either has under their belts, from the iconic go-anywhere Jeep, to Alfa Romeo, a bastion for performance-orientated motoring.

We agree that it’s a smart move; they’ve got their hands firmly placed across the market spectrum, right from the entry-level side of things – with the Fiat Punto, to the luxury Sport-Utility Vehicle echelons with the Grand Cherokee, even up to the commercial side – occupied by Fiat Professional’s range of offerings.

Fiat has a 58.5% stake in the Chrysler Group.

Trent Barcroft, Managing Director of Chrysler South Africa, has also been appointed the CEO of Fiat Group Automobiles South Africa. He will oversee both companies’ local operations. Barcroft said that the partnership has created a competitive global company. He said that all the brands under the conglomerate complement each other, providing value-for-money across the segments.

Things are looking particularly good for Chrysler South Africa. In June this year they enjoyed a 69% increase in sales, compared to the same month last year. A total of 1001 units were sold, made-up of models from the Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler stable.

Date Published: 2012/08/27
Author: Brenwin Naidu