Few cars rival the regal Range Rover’s iconic status. It’s up there with the best of British marques. The Range has become known as a vehicle for every occasion. A status symbol you can flaunt on the side-streets of the Melrose Arch shopping village. But one that’s equally adept at conquering the most demanding off-road challenges.

We found a gleaming example at Pinnacle Cars on William Nicol Drive. This machine really does seem more akin to a house on wheels. You climb up into its cabin. Once inside, the Range Rover offers a commanding view of the road and surroundings. There’s a wonderful sense of security and power.

Used Range Rover 1

Being a 2009 model, it benefits from the host of aesthetic and interior upgrades rolled-out for that year. This is the top-tier five-litre V8 derivative, the most desirable of the pack. And let’s face it: when you’re buying a car of this nature, fuel bills have to be the least of your concerns.

With just 25 000 kilometres on the odometer, this Range Rover is essentially new. It looks immaculate and the interior is still as fresh as morning dew. Range Rover has certainly mastered the art of making the buyer feel like he is getting his money’s worth. The saying, “less is more” doesn’t apply here: the dashboard is festooned with buttons. And you also get a rather cool-looking digital instrument cluster.

The front driver and passenger seats are more like comfortable armchairs in a hotel lobby. With ample support and arm-rests, they’re supremely comfortable for the daily commute. Power from its supercharged V8 engine is rated at 375kW and 625Nm of torque. It’s more than enough to shift the hefty off-road machine with briskness. Shifting all this power is a six-speed automatic transmission, developed by gearbox manufacturer ZF.

Used Range Rover 4

And although it may look large and unwieldy, the Range handles superbly. They’ve endowed it with systems like Roll Stability Control and Enhanced Understeer Control – electronic boffins which keep the vehicle stable and imparts confidence.

In addition to the usual array of features you would expect from a modern car, the Range Rover has more kit to get excited about. It really affirms the automaker’s slogan, “Above And Beyond”. There are front and rear cameras, a dual-view screen for driver and passenger – as well as a television. The fascia is clad in leather and you even get a DVD player.

Used Range Rover 3

Now for the money aspect. According to a Range Rover price list from September 2009, this model cost R1 204 000 as a new car. This year – bear in mind the low mileage – you can fetch it for R699 950. That’s a R504 050 knock. To put it into perspective, you could buy a decent townhouse or a new BMW 335i for that kind of money. This Range Rover still has a remainder of its service plan, which expires in December 2014 or at 100 000 kilometres.

Brenwin Naidu

Model: 2009 Range Rover 5.0 Supercharged

Price New: R1 204 000

Price Now: R699 950

Engine: 5-litre V8 supercharged

Power and Torque: 375kW and 625Nm

Fuel Consumption: 15l/100km

Mileage: 25 000 kilometres