The trailblazer has an allure that wants to get you out of your house, out of suburbia and onto the wide open road – “to get away from it all.” The Trailblazers’ outdoor attractiveness was designed for more than just a mundane lifestyle or the repeat cycle of; “from home to work and home again.” The Trailblazer insignia is prelude to its nature – ground breaker, to lead, pioneer, explore and overcome. The Trailblazer’s immensity is proportionate to it indomitable attitude and is a total package of performance, comfort and style.

From the front it definitely has a ‘typical,’ American muscle-car look – Only bigger! And slightly aerodynamic in appearance – the long and broad roof line descends upon the windscreen as the slope continues towards and along a capacious bonnet. The gold Chevy badge is well positioned on the dividing section of the two-part chrome beaded grill assembly. On the front bumper bulging front overhangs which matches up nicely with the flared wheel arches, give the Blazer a “burly” look but with a lot of aesthetic appeal.

Trailblazer is unashamed to bare his soul. The vast interior is the hallmark of the Trailblazer, fold down the second/third row of seats and you have 1830L cargo bay. Roomy interior and plush leather seat trim are a homely but classy touch. An abundance of storage compartments along with eleven cup holders. The cockpit has a simple layout with a hint of luxury. Throughout the Trailblazer the “bling” layout is optic and minimalistic; chrome encircles the climate control dial which is a nice visual fixture. The chrome trim air vents on the middle column of the dash board sit vertically and not in the “typical” horizontal fashion. Adjustable / automatic climate control directs airflow to both the front and rear of the vehicle. In the drivers’ seat looking from right to left, you notice the dashboard is uncluttered and user-friendly making you more confident to relate to the technology and vehicle controls of the car. The auxiliary / USB port is located inside the middle console, which makes no practical sense. The middle console is a storage compartment and pinpointing the AUX / USB connection points can become pedantic and divert your attention from the road – especially if you sifting through pieces of paper, pens, sweets and other loose items. The ring of the steering wheel could be slightly thicker in circumference just for more ergonomic comfort on your hands. The steering wheel control buttons are at thumbs reach; tapping on the 7” multi-function touch screen can be distracting, so configure the MyLink infotainment system before embarking on your trip. Smartphone / Bluetooth connectivity for ease of communication and if you do need to take that important call, set the cruise control for the appropriate Km/h as to avoid exceeding the speed limit while you are talking. Dual-gauge instrument cluster with the middle screen displaying important information so you can “keep an eye on” petrol consumption, distance travelled, gear box and engine functions.

“Who said big guys cannot move fast:” The Trailblazers’ 2.8L, in-line 4 cylinder Turbocharge diesel engine is powerful. The Italian designed Duramax engine at 3600RPM, heaves out 144Kw of power and an impressive 500Nm of torque at a low end 2000RPM and with the help of a six speed auto gearbox – accelerates from 0 to 100Km/h in 10 seconds. With an economic fuel consumption of 9.8L / 100Km (259 CO2). On pull-off. Throttle response is lacklustre but explosive nonetheless, which is a bit rather startling – but captivating. So make sure all passengers are seated when you feel like putting the accelerator to the floor – otherwise you may have milk shakes and other beverages in zero gravity disarray. Beyond the traffic mayhem and onto the open road, the Trailblazer sails at 120km/h (@2500RPM). Towing capacity is virtually unrivalled – just under 3000kg (2950kg). Outstanding! Considering the Blazers’ G.V.M (Kg) is 2750. And to safe guard you and “whatever it is you’re hauling” during your trip. Trailer Sway Assist monitors ‘trailer’ sway and before your in-tow decides to fishtail – the T.S.A. will correct any unruly behaviour.

Which brings us to our next point: The Safety Features. Because power without control is the enemy of freedom. James Madison. There are twenty four safety elements which come standard on the 2.8L (Auto) Trailblazer. Six airbags, (ABS), (EBD), (ESC), (HSA), (HDC), (PBA), front / rear disc brakes, rear park assist, reverse camera and etcetera. Thick chunky Bridgestone Dueller tyres keep you fastened to the tarmac, especially in wet weather – just the immense mass and weight of the Trailblazer is a safety feature on its own. (Heavy vehicles offer more protection than lighter vehicles, particularly in vehicle-to-vehicle collisions, according to crash test data). Emergency situations can erupt within seconds, so you need a vehicle whose safety measures respond within milliseconds. So whether in urban driving, on the open road or on the slippery and rocky slopes – the Trailblazer is up for the challenge.

Concluding: The Trailblazer possesses an arsenal of active technology, “although an onboard navigation system would have been a good idea.” It’s not built for The Cape To Cairo Race and instead of H/T tyres, G.M could have opted for a set of A/T tyres – but I suppose it all depends on how much off-roading you are going to be doing. Yes it’s built on the same Isuzu platform but it doesn’t feel like a bakkie when you drive it – unlike its closest competitor. Stats are also showing buyers are losing their appetite for “tuna” and that’s because of the Trailblazers comprehensive package of high performance, fuel efficiency, comfort and utilitarian ruggedness.

Security Features:
Anti-Theft Alarm and Immobiliser
Car Alarm
Remote Central Locking
Automatic Drive-away Door Locking

Warranty and Service:
5 Year / 120 000Km Warranty (Includes Roadside Assistance)
5 Year / 90 000Km Service
12 Month / 15 000Km Service Interval
5 Year / Unlimited Km Anti-corrosion Warranty