The Italian brand, Fiat has come a long way, dating back to the late 1800s when their mandate was to produce small capacity engines and make mobility affordable to the masses. More than 100years later and they’re still going strong and churning out those small capacity engines in cars like the Fiat 500.

August 2021 marked the launch of the new Fiat 500 range, a model that has been in production since 1957. The Fiat 500 is the brand’s smallest and most endearing offering, measuring 3.5 metres in length and a width of 1.6 metres excluding mirrors. It’s a very compact car, perfect for city life and in its latest form, the 500 is being offered in four very unique variants.

Fiat 500 models

The Fiat 500 is designed to cater to different personalities and there are four variants with unique styling elements and features available. Fiat’s entry into the 500 range is the Fiat 500 Cult. With a starting price of R220 000, this variant is currently only available in its launch colour (much like the rest of the range) – a very attractive Spritz Orange. The Cult wears a set of modest but fitting 14-inch wheels and has colour coded bumpers as well as thermal windows as part of its standard offering. 

Next is the Fiat 500 Connect, a variant with its own set of 15-inch alloy wheels. It also comes with fog lamps and electronically adjusted mirrors that defog themselves during those cold winter mornings. Move one step up from this and you’ll find the Fiat 500 Sport, as the name suggests, it is a fiery looking little thing. All four corners are catered for with standard 16-inch sport wheels, and of course, a sports body kit is part of the package. The Fiat 500 Sport comes with a glass sunroof but you can switch it for the folding soft top as an option.

Finally, the one we found most attractive, the Fiat 500 Dolcevita. This is arguably the most expressive variant of the four, available in a two-tone colour treatment of white and grey. This variant has an exclusive set of 16-inch wheels and is offered with a soft-top folding roof that is the icing on the cake. Inside, the Dolcevita has an interior with glossy panels matching its exterior colour (white). To top off the 500 range, Fiat South Africa has confirmed that they will be introducing a Fiat 500X in the next few weeks. The Fiat 500X is a larger SUV-like variant of the smaller 500.

Fiat 500 engine specs

Very fittingly, the Fiat 500 has a small capacity 0.9-litre two-cylinder engine as its power supply. The little sewing machine is standard fitting across the range and produces 63 kW and 145 Nm sent to the front wheels. These figures may not seem like much, but they’re perfectly adequate for city driving in the Fiat 500. Average fuel consumption from the small engine is quoted at 3.8 l/100km, although real-world figures are likely to be double that. Fiat is targeting first-time buyers with their bambino 500. If you’re in the market for something unique that’s sure to set you apart in the compact hatch space, the Fiat 500 is a very fashionable alternative to the likes of Suzuki Swift and others.

How much is a Fiat 500?

Price starts at R220 00 for the Fiat 500 Cult, which did come as a surprise to us (we honestly expected it to come in at a higher price bracket). Have a look at the comprehensive price list below.

Fiat 500 Cult                                                                R219 900

Fiat 500 Connect                                                         R260 900

Fiat 500 Sport                                                             R269 900

Fiat 500 Dolcevita                                                       R274 900

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