It is hard to believe that the latest generation of Lexus LS is ready for a mid-cycle refresh, but time is sure to fly by these days. The Lexus large body sedan has some surprisingly good 2021 model year changes, including an extremely important modernization.

Three and a half years after the introduction of the fifth-gen model, the Lexus LS is getting a nip and a tuck to better confront the Germans, especially since there is a new Mercedes S-Class around the corner. You ‘d be hard-pressed to notice the changes in style because the flagship luxury sedan hasn’t changed all that much. There is a fancy new color called Gin-ei Luster, an “extraordinary silver” with a smooth, mirror-like texture.

Lexus on Tuesday unveiled the facelifted 2021 LS sedan. It is worth noting that this is a global launch, and we have not yet provided any materials unique to the US-spec LS, which Lexus said should come later this summer. Take now the updates here with a lot of salt, because not everyone will end up in the United States, but we will be seeing most of them very soon.

The images shown to date are LS 500 in F Sport and LS 500h with both graphics for light updates and a Piano Black Trim rather than the previous chrome trim. The images are available. Several new alloy wheel designs are available, including a 20-inch F Sport set.

Stylistically, at least on the outside, you will not notice much of a difference. The outside is remarkably similar to its predecessor, but it can be changed in a few ways to enhance its visual role on the regular model. The model F Sport contains many different modifications including the own version of the huge grille of the Lexus “spindle.” A new color known as the Gin-ei Luster uses a complicated aluminum-based painting process that is intended to create a mirror-free finish, but in pictures it is very difficult to transmit.

The LS with some pricey interior decoration made of cut glass can now be opted for. With the introduction of new fancy pants from Nishijin brocade and platinum leaf, the 2021 model will further increase its top-level innards. The steering wheel is also given new buttons, and the screen has a new “floating” appearance pushed out of the dashboard. That is all right, but the biggest change is to include a touchscreen that is fantastic.

By Noni Nchwe