As my father would always say, “the only constant in life is change”. This couldn’t be more true, especially in these strange times we’re living in. We’ve had to adapt to all the changes, proving how resilient we are as humans. Change comes in all areas, cars included. One manufacturer that has lived up to the above mantra is BMW, and the 2022 BMW 2 Series is proof of that.

Outlandish design

We first caught a glimpse of the 2 Series in 2021 when BMW released official images of the upcoming vehicle. Many people were critical of the car’s design, myself included. Too many flat surfaces and sharp edges, compared to what was then the current 2 Series. The design looks like something inspired by Former BMW Chief Designer Chris Bangle, who pioneered radical BMW designs with his flame surfacing design formula. BMW’s current design philosophy as seen in the current M3/M4, iX and now the 2 Series is a radical departure from conventional car design. It’s as though the man behind it all simply grabbed the nearest ruler and drew his sketches using straight lines. 

Having finally seen the new BMW 2 Series live in the metal, my views on its design have changed drastically. This coupe is a darn good-looking vehicle, and many who witnessed it live share this sentiment. Everything from its bumpers to the headlamps is straight and edged, we just thank the car gods that the brand omitted its exorbitantly large kidney grille from this model – it would have been a disaster.

In this new lineup, BMW is currently offering the new 2022 2 Series in 3 variants. There’s a 220d, 220i, and the potent M240i. These vehicles will now be offered with a lot more comprehensive features than before. Previously, if you wanted the M Sport body kit on anything either than an M vehicle, you would have had to pay for it as an option. In this new breed of 2 Series, BMW is now offering its customers the M Sport kit and sports seats as standard equipment in the 220d and 220i. There’s always a catch with these things. Speaking of features, BMW has introduced a new system where different variants in the model range will be equipped with dormant features. These features can be made available later on in your purchase as a subscription. Yes – you’ll now have to subscribe to certain features in your vehicle to gain access to them. You don’t pay you don’t use. The features can be activated and deactivated like your DSTV subscription depending on whether you’ve paid or not. How well this service will be received is yet to be seen, but interesting times lie ahead. 

2022 BMW 2 Series engine specs

With the three variants currently on offer, the range consists of 4 and 6-cylinder engines. In 220i and 220d variants, the 2 Series uses 4 cylinder units, in petrol and diesel. Output figures in the 220i are 135 kW and 300 Nm, while the 220d will produce 140 kW and 400 Nm. The peak of this range is currently the M240i with xDrive, which has now been bumped up to 285 kW from 250 kW in the previous M240i. Torque is now at 500 Nm, and it will do the 0 – 100km/h sprint in 4.3 seconds. 

How much is the 2022 BMW 2 Series

With some optional equipment now included as standard, someone has to pay for them, and that’s you, the customer. The 2022 BMW 2 Series has a starting price of nearly R800K  for the 220i, which is steep for a baby 2 Series no matter who you ask. For those of you who were eying it with keen interest, the old 2 Series doesn’t seem too bad after all, does it?


BMW 220i CoupéR771 900.00
BMW 220d Coupé R819 278.00
BMW M240i xDrive R1 062 420.00
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