The child has reportedly planned a 12-hour drive from Utah to California.

A 5-year-old kid stole the car of his parents and drove it for nearly 3 kilometers, after his mother refused to buy him a Lamborghini, in today’s edition of horrendous incidents from America.

A Utah Highway Officer, who was pulling the vehicle over, said that when he saw a kid sitting on the driver’s seat, he could not believe his eyes. The officer assumed the child had been hurt at first. Nevertheless, confusion was cleared by his 5-year-old clarification of work with his parents and his older sister.

The child had reportedly planned a 12-hour drive from Utah to California. After his mother refused to get one from his officer, he said he stole the car because he was willing to buy a dream supercar. But in his wallet, he only had $3.

While Officer Rick Morgan spotted the car and asked the kid for the lift, the trip lasted just three kilometers. The car was luckily stopped at the right time and the child was not injured.

Social media users were confused how the child learned to drive, while others remained divided. Many thought that he would be punished when he came home, while others said the ‘boy is a legend.’

It happened globally following the posting of a photograph of the young man on Twitter by Utah Highway Patrol.

By Noni Nchwe