South Africans in general are spoilt for choice when it comes to purchasing vehicles. They can choose to purchase demo, used and new models. Although all of them are good options, everyone would like to strike a good deal , simply because buying a car is a huge financial commitment. 

like almost everything in this life, there are pros and cons and below we discuss the advantages of buying a new car vs used. 

What is a demo car and its pros and cons?

As its name suggests, a demo car is simply the one used by the dealership mainly for test drives and viewing. Demo cars tend to have low mileage and are priced lower when compared to  new cars. For instance, a demo car can have less than 3 000 km on the clock in usually about six months. 

The advantages of buying a demo car are that you get a car that is almost new at a lower price. Also, dealerships tend to choose fully-specced cars as demos so you will be getting a car that is fitted with every optional extra at a reasonably cheaper price. Also, demo cars may be the only available models in the dealership that suit your desired specifications. 

In terms of disadvantages, demo cars are  scarce but they are there. Firstly, the duration of the warranty of the car may be reduced and the vehicle may be covered for serious repairs for a shorter period and less kilometers. As you know, demo cars will have garnered some kilometers but not  excessively. Lastly, a demo car is driven by so many people who might not treat it as well as they should. For example, imagine a first-time potential driver grinding the gears of  a manual car and also harshly braking. 

It is best to carry in-depth research before making a purchase and see if a demo car is worth a purchase. 

What is a used car and its pros and cons? 

When looking to buy a car on a budget, buying a used car or pre-owned one is a viable option, however, there are serious precautions one needs to keep in mind. A used car is simply a vehicle that has previously been owned by one or more people and these tend to have higher mileage than demo cars. 

The disadvantages of buying a used car need to be taken very seriously. Firstly, the exact history of the car may not be known no matter how reliable the car is. Also due to the high mileage and car’s age, the warranty and service plans could have expired, meaning, whatever repair costs you would need to undertake in the car, your pocket will endure some suffering. The other thing is what you see is what you get, you won’t be able to add any extras. 

The advantages, however, are that used cars are cheaper than demo and new cars and they can be cheaper to insure. Buyers of used cars can still benefit from the balance of the motor plan and warranty with an option of extending them over a certain mileage. 

What is a new car and its pros and cons?

The words new car are self-explanatory. This is a car that is sold in its original manufacturer condition which no one has driven. One of the disadvantages of buying a new car is depreciation, it kicks in immediately when you drive out of the dealership and optional extras also add to the final price of the car. A new car can be expensive to buy sadly because as the first owner, you take the burden of paying CO2 tax and take the knock of the depreciation at a higher rate than you would for a used car.  

When it comes to advantages, a buyer may have peace of mind by knowing they are the first owner of the car. Buying a new car will come with a comprehensive warranty, maintenance plan and / or service plan. Also, cars within their first years tend to require less maintenance — something that further gives buyers peace of mind. When buying a new car, you aren’t getting a car that is just clean but also a car that is infused with the latest tech, gadgets, latest engine tech, plus updated safety systems. 

We’ve made it easy for you to compare new vehicles before deciding on the best one for you, through our new car comparison feature on our website.