It’s a brand-new year and the festive season is well behind us; this means that not only is all the celebrating done and dusted, but another season of school, varsity and severely congested traffic lies ahead. There are some benefits to this particular season, however! Here’s a few tips on how to avoid getting the back-to-school blues and make the most of January:

Post-Christmas Price Slash: you may have noticed the largely inflated Christmas prices if you were buying pretty-much anything during November and December. This is often the case in preparation for gift-giving season, as well as for those who receive bonusses at the end of the year and want to do some much-needed vehicle maintenance, upgrades, tyres or the like: business want to make the most profit from consumers during this time. By the time January is smoothly passing by, many business slash prices to draw customers back, or to move excess stock they bought in preparation. As a result, now is the best time to shop! Keep an eye on local media for such specials – it may well be worth your while to wait the festive season out until January!

Return to Civilisation: Many are only now returning from holidays – be aware of this as end-of-holiday traffic often merges with first-day-of-school traffic for some, creating real havoc on the roads. The quiet, uncongested roads we enjoyed during December are now back to normal, with bumper-to-bumper early morning traffic as parent’s head to school and work. Plan your trips accordingly, and – for extra peace of mind – leave an additional ten or fifteen minutes early in the first few weeks of the year, as people are often still getting into the swing of things, testing out routes and getting accustomed to traffic flow.

Schools and School Transport: As our younger generation return to school, remain aware of the fact that the early morning traffic especially is made of children on their way to school. Be extra cautious, buckle yourself and your kids in safely, and remember that you have an audience on board, watching your every move. Be considerate and keep moving so as to avoid unnecessary delays. Pay attention when nearing schools – watch out and heed the directions of the scholar patrol as they assist learners to cross the road safely. Also watch for buses and taxis that may be unloading scholars, as excited children may dash out from behind their transport without thinking. Give such vehicles an extra wide berth and drive slowly. Finally, speak to your own children about road safety, crossing roads cautiously and paying attention when near vehicles in the school parking lot.

Armed with this info, we are confident that you can make the most of the start of the new year. On behalf of Surg4Cars, I wish you a fantastic, exciting and successful 2018!


By Desh Bechan