Gindra Motors in Kempton Park has a passionate Dealer Principal – a confident woman set on making her mark in the industry, Gina Giani is extremely enthusiastic about the motoring business as well as the introduction of the BAIC vehicle line into the country. With their existing global reputation for innovation and good service, Gina feels that BAIC will rise to the challenge of establishing itself as a superior brand, and as such, seeks to put clients first.

With this in mind, Gina presented me with the opportunity to test-drive the BAIC X25 – even going the extra mile to include a 19-inch subwoofer in the variant I drove to make me feel at home (being Indian and all). The interior is nothing short of gorgeous – a lovely sunroof and full infotainment system set in a striking and fashionable dashboard that is unlike any I have seen before. A crystal clear 7-inch touchscreen allows for all the needed technological marvels as well as a great interactive system that pairs your phone and the vehicle for multimodal usage. I found this particularly convenient, and admittedly felt quite pampered in the spacious and modern cabin.

In the manual variant I drove, I found the X25 to move with confidence and grace, reacting instantly to changes in my drive-approach and braking with certainty to standstill. I loved the responsiveness and sensitivity to my touch, which gave me a great sense of calm as I negotiated the tough traffic of Joburg. In the driver’s seat, I felt quite indulgent, and relished the low-noise cabin and refined finishes which the X25 offers.

As I was pondering on the practicality of the X25, I was confronted with the crisis situation of my beloved pets (an overly affectionate Husky and pampered Rhodesian Ridgeback) having gone missing – followed some hours later by the utter relief of them being found. Without hesitation, I loaded my canine companions into the X25, said a prayer of thanks for the extra leg room, huge boot space and general comfort of the cabin. Although in that moment I had a good laugh, in retrospect I acknowledge the nippy character and agility of the vehicle that gave chase and caught up with my wandering pooches. Cornering with superb stability, and accelerating instantly, I maneuvered the car like a race-car driver (driven by fear), and the X25 came to my rescue with seemingly effortless prowess.

BAIC (which I am told represents “Better and Ingenious Choices” as well as being the trademark of the Beijing Automotive Industry Holdings Co.)  offers incredibly well-priced vehicles through Gindra Motors in Kempton Park, where the manual X25 1.5 Comfort has a great starting price of only R219 000 (with the stunning model Manual Fashion which I am test driving checking in at R229 000, and the Auto Fashion at the top of the range at only R249 000). Specifically, due to the unbelievable affordability of the vehicles it offers, Gina believes BAIC is here to stay – the company has started production on building a plant in Port Elizabeth for manufacturing of these incredible vehicles, which is the biggest investment in the automotive industry of South Africa.

Offering such great bonusses as a 5-year warranty and generous service plans, I feel the radiating pride of the Dealer Principal in representing the BAIC brand: Gina’s philosophy is that everyone should have the opportunity to drive a luxury vehicle with all the features of an expensive car, at an affordable price, and in keeping with what I experienced, I do believe Gina is right. The X25 is luxurious and laden with awesome features, and at an even more awesome price, will do just as Gina hopes – bring the luxury, quality and great service, to the world.

By Desh Pillay Bechan