There is a BMW 3-Series for almost every palate. You can have the good old vanilla-flavoured sedan. Those with adventurous tastebuds can opt for the GT model. Spicier two-door variations are now distinguished by the new 4-Series moniker, available in coupe, convertible and now in four-door guise.

BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe Front Left - Surf4cars

Enter the 4-Series Gran Coupe. It was only a matter of time before they set out to bite the jugular of the Audi A5 Sportback. And if you thought the GT was their answer to that – like many of us – you were clearly mistaken. It’s sexier indeed, albeit less practical. This 4-Series has exactly the same dimensions as its two-door counterpart. But the roof has been “gently” stretched, according to BMW, by 12 millimetres to allow more headroom.

BMW 4-Series Coupe Side - Surf4cars

Frameless windows, a larger air-intake and neat little gills on the side fenders are some of the traits it shares with its two-door sister. Inside you’ll find what BMW calls a layout for 4+1 (five in other words) passengers. As with the rest of the range, buyers can opt for various “line” packages including the M Sport accoutrements.

BMW 4-Series Coupe Rear Right - Surf4cars

Five engines are on offer. At the top sits the 435i with its 225kW mill. The 428i (our favourite mill from BMW at present) features too, producing a healthy 180kW. You can also have the 420i or the 420d, both with 135kW. The Gran Coupe is available with a six-speed manual transmission, but you can have BMW’s eight-speed Steptronic gearbox. No mention has been made of an M4 Gran Coupe yet.

BMW 4-Series Coupe Interior - Surf4cars

According to BMW of South Africa, the Gran Coupe is due to go on sale here in July.