After launching the G20 BMW 330is in 2020 as homage to the iconic 325is Gusheshe, the modern “gush” didn’t receive the warmest reception from the motoring fraternity. Many felt that it was a half-hearted attempt from the local custodians of the German brand. The first grievance was that BMW had taken a standard 330i and glued the letter “s” at the end. Other body enhancements were merely bigger wheels and a marginally lower suspension. What BMW used under the 330is’s bonnet was what offended fanatics the most. BMW did nothing to distinguish the special edition 330is engine from its other variants. A 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engine from the 330i was used, paling in comparison to the original 2.7-litre straight 6 found in the ’80s Gusheshe.

We had since forgotten about this moment in history but not long enough for BMW to release yet another Mzansi edition of the G20 3 Series, and it’s called, wait for it… the Mzansi Edition. 


The new BMW 3 Series Mzansi Edition looks just the way South Africans would want to have it. BMW has given it the full M Sport package which includes their M High-gloss Shadow Line detailing on the kidney grille and other black gloss elements on the front splitter, rear spoiler and diffuser. They all utilize a combination of gloss black and some carbon fibre elements and are normally items you see being applied as aftermarket add-ons by local M Sport enthusiasts. The vehicle also features what BMW refers to as the “glow grille” which has previously only been available in the BMW X6. It’s a fancy grille with ambient LED lighting which comes on when you lock or unlock the vehicle. A set of 19-inch alloys have been fitted here, each housing a red M Sport brake calliper.


Interior modifications have been kept to a minimum, which is probably for the better. The Mzansi Edition is upholstered in Sensatec (a synthetic leather) and Alcantara. “M” Seat belts have been included to give it a sporty look and feel, and you also get a sunroof as standard. M Sport fanboys are probably all cheering from the sidelines by now – yes it’s all standard in the Mzansi Edition, and you won’t have to spend a dime on exterior mods and add-ons either. You may, however, end up spending a little on engine upgrades if voiding your warranty doesn’t phase you.

This is because BMW has left the engine untouched as they did with the “special edition” 330is. The Mzansi Edition 3 Series is not limited to any one engine variant in the 3 Series lineup but is available in the 318i, 320i as well as the 320d

How much is the Mzansi Edition?

BMW 318i Mzansi Edition                                                                  R831 524.00

BMW 320i Mzansi Edition                                                                  R863 692.00

BMW 320d Mzansi Edition                                                                 R908 126.00

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