The Swedish automaker might be on a mission to transform its vanilla image. But Volvo has always been good at the art of the wagon, where hallmarks of versatility shone more than striking looks. Local buyers shun estate cars. Things could be different is something like this were offered though.

Volvo Concept Estate Motion - Surf4cars

Meet the Concept Estate. Volvo says this is what their wagon models of the future might look like. We think the chances of this happening are high. Volvo has been daring with their recent designs. According to them, the biggest inspiration for this concept was the 1800 ES from seventies. One cannot deny that it is a handsome thing. All bold, simplistic and laden with presence.

Volvo Concept Estate Interior - Surf4cars

Current will Volvo owners know and love the familiar uncluttered layout that characterises these interiors. The concept takes one things further with almost no buttons at all. Instead, everything from infotainment to the hazard lights are controlled through a tablet on the centre console. This is a glimpse of the interfaces that will feature in forthcoming models.

Volvo Concept Estate Rear - Surf4cars

Inside the Concept Estate is said to mimic the feel of a Scandinavian living room. Saddle leather lines the dashboard. Naturally aged wood trim inlays and wool carpets aim to “make you feel so comfortable that you are reluctant to leave”. They also thought about a way to keep boredom at bay. The Concept comes standard with the Swedish game of Kubb: described by Wikipedia as a mixture of bowling and horseshoes. If you forget the rules, those are etched on the transparent boot floor.

Volvo Concept Estate Side - Surf4cars

The estate is the third concept to be unveiled by Volvo. This model, the recent Concept Coupe and XC Coupe certainly hint towards an exciting road for the once staid Swedish manufacturer.