There are road traffic-violations which fall-under a piece of legislation, called ‘The Road Traffic Act of 1988-Section 3’ which states, “If a person drives a mechanically propelled vehicle on a road or other public place without due care and attention, or without reasonable consideration for other persons using the road or place – he or she is guilty of an offence.”

There are almost forty variations of this law yet road-users remain abstruse

Here are ten of them

1. It is illegal to hold your mobile device to access the GPS-navigation app. Your cellphone is must be correctly secured to a dashboard mounted cellphone cradle.

2. Using your phone as a payment device at a drive-through take-away.  You have to switch-off your car, pull-up the handbrake and only then can you use your phone to pay for your meal.

3. To further complicate the matter, if you drive-off with your burger in one hand and your milk-shake in the other – traffic enforcement frown upon it from the angle that you are distracted and not in full control of your vehicle.

4. Flashing your lights to give way to other traffic or to alert oncoming motorists of a speed-trap. The only time you are permitted to flash your lights is to make other drivers aware of your presence.

5. The same applies to beeping your horn especially in retaliation to other idiot motorists on the road. You are permitted to beep your horn to alert other road-users of your presence – only!

6. In light of ‘The Road Traffic Act of 1988-Section 3’ beeping your horn or swearing at other motorists out of road-rage is classified as a criminal offence albeit have you thrown in jail.

7. Performing an illegal manoeuvre to give-way to an emergency vehicle: even with a pyro-technics of emergency-lights and blaring sirens behind you – do not become frantic and veer-off into a bus-lane or jump a red-light.

8. It is forbidden by law to smoke in a car with passengers who are under the age of eighteen as well as having a passenger cradle an infant – regardless of the prevailing circumstances it is mandatory you instal a proper child restraint system to transport children.

9. This law also applies to travelling with pets – animal must be restrained but within reason.

10. You may face prosecution if you fail to update the D.V.L.A of a change of surname, address, the purchase of a new vehicle or the withholding of vital information regarding your health: a disability, a neurological disorder or a mental health condition.

Written by Dean Joseph