It’s never an easy task to partake when it comes to choosing the ideal budget car more especially if you are a single mom.

With Women’s Day fast approaching, one might be looking at gifting their daughter with a budget car. We all celebrate Women’s Day differently with various gifting ideas and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

As a single mom, you definitely would be looking for something that will last you through everyday life or your child that might be going through college and probably until they are able to purchase one on their own.

Here we look at some of the best budget cars ideal for a single mom or her child 

It goes without saying that as a single mom, you want something that won’t break the bank, and thankfully, South Africa is home to a wide range of budget cars that are not just pretty to look at and affordable but safe too. 

Volkswagen Polo Vivo 

You can never go wrong with the Volkswagen Polo Vivo. It is SA’s most loved model that is cheap to run, potent, and affordable. All trim levels and engine options offer adequate shove to enable your student child to navigate through to school. It is equipped with good sound, MIB radio system with SD/USB/Bluetooth, model-dependent of course. Space is excellent and will gulp sizeable bags while offering great seating positions. In the safety stable, you are covered. It comes fitted with standard ABS, alarm, and remote central locking. The high-end models are fitted with features such as ESC, cruise control, and tyre pressure monitor. The Polo Vivo is priced between R79 000 and R294 999. 


Hyundai i10

The Hyundai i10 remains one of the best budget cars around, thanks to its portable size that will make it easy to navigate through life or campus. If safety and space remain on top of the list of things you look for when wanting to buy a car, the used Hyundai i10 impresses you in that regard. Older models come fitted with Bluetooth, Aux, CD player, RDS Stereo Radio, and a multifunction steering wheel. Recent models of the Hyundai i10 are equipped with modern technologies such as an infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as upgraded safety systems. A used Hyundai i10 is priced between R49 995 and R214 995. 

Kia Picanto 

Kia makes wonderful cars and the Picanto is no exception. It is a small compact hatch that is sleek and offers great levels of refinement. The Kia Picanto has grown in sizes over its generations so scout for recent models that have an element of upmarket and modern added to them. It features excellent engines and depending on your taste, it can be had either in automatic and manual guise. A used Kia Picanto is priced between R50 000 and R253 995. 


Nissan Micra Active

With the Nissan Micra, it’s best to go for the Active model because they offer more updated systems. As a single mom, you wouldn’t want you or your child to be stuck with an outdated car that lacks features such as Bluetooth, infotainment systems amongst others. The Nissan Micra Active is priced between R119 900 and R139 900. It delivers excellent driving dynamics while also boasting elegant styling cues. Nissan claims the Micra Active will return 5.2l/100 km from its 41l fuel tank — that will definitely be more than enough for you or your child. 

Toyota Aygo 

Probably one of the most affordable cars in the A-segment that is funky and modern, however, make it a point to get the second-generation model. These are equipped with the latest technologies such as an infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality, ABS, electric windows and Bluetooth — things that your student child would really appreciate having. A used second-gen model is priced between R104 900 and R169 900. It is powered by a frugal engine paired with a manual five-speed transmission. When it comes to servicing and maintaining the Toyota Aygo, it won’t leave you complaining because it is built by a marque that is highly associated with reliability. After all, Toyotas do not break so easily. 

Suzuki Swift

The Suzuki Swift comes at a very affordable price that single moms would find very attractive. Its road manners remain an absolute thing. Basic models of the Suzuki Swift are equipped with plenty of comfort basics such as air conditioning, DAB, and Bluetooth. Older models of the used Suzuki Swift are priced at R99 900; however, they benefit slightly from modern tech so newer is always better. Go for the recent used models of the Suzuki Swift with a price tag of between R129 995 and R228 800. These are fitted with potent engines, the latest tech as well as uprated safety systems. When it comes to space and driving manners, the used Suzuki Swift leaves less to complain about and more to desire.

VehicleFuel EconomyRunning CostsPrice UsedPrice New
Toyota AygoBetween 4.7 and 5.1 L/100KmLowBetween R104 900 and R169 900Between R171 900 and R198 900
Volkswagen Polo Vivo Between 6.7 and 7l/100kmRelatively LowBetween R79 000 and R294 999Between R224 300 and R303 200
Suzuki SwiftBetween 4.3L and 6.7l/100 kmRelatively low Between R129 995 and R228 800Between R180 900 and R234 900  
Kia PicantoBetween 4.3l and 7.9L/100km. Relatively low Between R50 000 and R235 449Between R189 995 and R253 995 
Nissan Micra ActiveBetween 5.5L and 6.3l/100km Relatively LowBetween R119 900 and R139 900.It is priced at R159 900   
Hyundai i10Between 4.3L and 5.2L/100kmRelatively Low Between  R49 995 and R214 995Between R196 000 and R236 900