The coronavirus epidemic had shocked the South African economy in early 2020. Fears spread around the world, and the initial effects of the virus on new vehicle sales could be seen in February of this year.

Covid-19’s impacts are likely to have an even tougher impact on local car sales in March. But a small number of cars will come out on top in the middle of it all, if everything goes well-despite the background.

See, customers should be trying to spend their money wisely with the economy taking on a hit. We do not actually go for R200 000 retailing cars, but instead opt for something more affordable. The Coronavirus is pushing customers to switch around every cent. And while the cars on this list might not be the first option for everyone, it will give customers the opportunity to drive in a new car while still saving some cash.

Suzuki S-Presso

The S-Presso is the answer to the very famous Renault Kwid and provided by the Japanese automaker. It is intended to give customers something more affordable, without breaking the bank.

The Kwid has carved a strong reputation as an inexpensive alternative in that regard, and Renault sells about a thousand units each month. This is one thing that Suzuki would like to tackle and have the S-Presso contribute to the good, successful sales run that the automaker has been on since the end of last year.

Renault Kwid

The Kwid is the most famous car on this list, by far. In our list of 10 best-selling passenger cars every month, it’s a daily contender, and it draws customers in with a starting price of R144 900. The range comprises six models, which include the visually appealing Climber models. The top model, the Climber car, has a price tag of R174 900.

The Kwid 1.0 Expression, the entry-level model in the series, comes fitted with two airbags, a Bluetooth, AUX and USB-compatible multimedia system, daytime running LED lights, front electric windows, and an onboard computer.

Mahindra KUV100

The KUV100 Nxt of the Mahindra is not new to South Africans. The car has been around for a couple of years and recently got a strong update. The KUV100 range is priced from R142 999, and up to R234 999 retails. The range includes both diesel and petrol versions, both fitted with Mahindra’s manual five-speed gearbox.

By Noni Nchwe