The only choice for countless consumers today is to purchase a second hand vehicle, especially because businesses are cutting employment and wages as a result of Covid-19.You may not be involved in engines, brakes, pneumatic tyres, bodyshells and other technical elements, but you have value for  money and convenience.

Some of us still want a car with a feeling; you might like the commercial for the TV, the car design, or the color range. If you shop sensitively and with a decent budget you can afford, you do not have to keep your engine dreams running in these tough times.

Here are some top tips after lockdown: 

  • If you are not prepared to search for a car or spend time online, when all the labels and distributors are available.
  • Decide how much you can afford before you begin to look. Get a prepayment loan from a bank if necessary.
  • Sometimes, when purchasing a car, technical problems are not mentioned, so obviously, a trustworthy dealer is necessary to disclose the history and possible problems of the car. In addition, you can suggest using TransUnion tools to calculate the ownership history and value of a car or seek sites such as that offer test drives and search for auctioning all vehicles.
  • Fill out whether and when the vehicle still has a service plan.
  • The car is potentially your best bet with the cheapest maintenance bin. See the Kinsey study locally or JD Power shows valuable perspectives from valuable car owners if you want an foreign opinion.
  • Find out if alternative parts can be locally manufactured. If you like the vehicle you need parts from overseas, it can be expensive.
  • Look for a prototype model because those cars appear to be good prices and low kilometers because they are nearly fresh.
  • 9) Be conscious that a certificate of roadworthiness cannot guarantee that the car is simple. It simply means that the car fulfills the minimum safety standards.

While in the next few months we will all try ways to reduce our mobility costs, you can still drive a good car while shopping sensibly.

By Noni Nchwe