South African motorists have been warned to put together for yet any other amplify in the rate of fuel, with month-end statistics from the Central Energy Fund displaying that increases are on the cards for each petrol and diesel.

According to the Automobile Association, the rate of 95 Octane petrol is searching likely to amplify with the aid of round 19 cents a litre on Wednesday, October 02, while the diesel fee is set to rise by way of round 25 cents.
95 Unleaded presently retails at R15.39 at the coast and R16.03 inland. Earlier in the month it had regarded as although gasoline costs would reduce in October, however that all modified with the accomplished assaults on the Abqaiq oil refinery in Saudi Arabia.

“The landed fee of fuels in South Africa jumped by way of as an awful lot as a rand a litre in just three days after the attack, before settling back slightly,” the AA said. “This grew to become a generally secure rate picture into a terrible one.”
However, the greater oil expenses have fortuitously been offset to a degree through the reality that the rand gained some ground in opposition to the US dollar throughout lots of September, the association noted.

The AA added that without the Rand’s performance, we could have been looking at charge rises in extra of 40 cents a litre for some fuels.

Although the Saudi refineries may want to be repaired inside a few weeks, September’s drone attacks have created a unstable environment for international oil markets by means of showing that large oil refineries and storage depots are susceptible to such sneak attacks. This certainly leaves the world at danger of greater unpredictable charge shocks.

On pinnacle of that, South Africa’s petrol prices stay historically high, currently just R1.10 below the all-time high recorded in October 2018. Prices fell by means of over R3 a litre between then and January, alternatively a spate of smaller increases this year have eroded most of that price relief.
A further blow was once furnished by the 30 cents a litre amplify in gasoline taxes, which the Minister of Finance introduced returned in February.

As South Africans we are curious as to when this madness will come to an end. Does this mean that we will now no longer be able to afford driving to work? If the petrol price goes up any higher it will soon be cheaper to take public transport to work.

By Noni Nchwe