Accidents happen all the time on South African roads, from minor fender-benders to severe crashes. We all hope that we won’t ever be in the middle of such an incident, but the truth is that accidents do happen, and most of the time, when you least expect it. While the accident itself is a terrible ordeal, having to manage the aftermath can be just as daunting.

According to the Automobile Association of South Africa, there are 11.4 million registered vehicles on South Africa’s roads and between 65% and 70% of those cars are uninsured. Some motorists may argue that car insurance is too expensive, crashes do occur and driving without cover can have greater financial implications.

Costs accumulate quickly when it comes to vehicle damage. From small scratches and dents to major panel beating work, everything adds up. The worst scenario to find yourself in would be your car being damaged, or even stolen, and you not being able to cope financially.

Luckily, that’s where insurance companies are your saving grace; and that is why having car insurance is so very important. However, finding the right insurance for you and your car can be a difficult process. There are so many insurance companies out there, finding the one that fits you best is not always easy.

With elevated petrol prices affecting the cost of owning a car, it’s also worth looking into ways to cut other related operating expenses. One place to start is car insurance. All drivers must carry insurance protection, but many people just pick an insurer after they buy their first car and don’t look at the details of the policy for years, which could leave money on the table.

Comprehensive Car Insurance.

This type of insurance will cover your car against almost anything that can happen. Theft, damage from attempted theft or a break-in, accidental damage caused by you, damage caused by natural disasters, damage caused by a third party and damage that you cause to a third party. Due to the extended cover, this type of insurance is the most expensive of the three.

 Third Party, Fire, And Theft Car Insurance.

This type of insurance means you are covered against theft, damage due to attempted theft or break-ins, fire and accidental damage caused by a third party. You won’t, however, be covered against any damage that you cause to a third party, nor will you be covered against damage caused by natural disasters. This insurance type is more affordable than the comprehensive insurance, although you have less cover.

Third Party Only Car Insurance.

Third party only insurance is the cheapest option out of all three types. This insurance covers the cost of damage you cause to someone else’s car and nothing else. This helps prevent you from paying exorbitant amounts of money for a third-party car if you get into an accident.

Make an informed choice when it comes to your insurance

By Noni Nchwe