Getting my car washed has always been a chore I have dread. Not only is it time consuming but I’ve always just hated the idea of sitting pointlessly and watching while my car gets washed.

My first car was my pride and joy. Back then I drove a white Mitsubishi Lancer. I made sure I kept it spotless every time. I would spend hours on weekends washing it myself, sweeping out all the dust and food bits and getting it to smell fresh because I believed no one else could get it as clean as I wanted it to be (and probably also because I had all the time in the world to do this). As the years went by and I got older I realized I just don’t have the time (or the patience) to be spending hours cleaning out my car.

I am a mother now to two beautiful but very messy little girls. The last time I tried to clean my car out I found chips that looked a decade old and banana peels that looked ready to grow. In all honest truth I don’t even have the energy or willingness to do it myself anymore.

So, I decided to give car washes a try. Do you know how hard it is to find the perfect carwash? It’s much harder than you think. Finding a car wash where your USB memory stick and coins left in your cup holder don’t “mysteriously” go missing is an underrated superpower.

Now for me I am very impatient and sometimes feel like the wash goes on for longer than necessary, so I have had to find ways to keep myself occupied while my car gets washed. And that is how my “Car Wash Sundays” became a thing. Now its not just a chore for me but a routine to bring my weekend to a blissful end.

I have found the perfect carwash. It has a play area for kids-and that keeps my girls busy-, a buy and braai area for adults where I get to mingle with other customers who are also waiting on their cars and the perfect background setting with music and a warm ambiance. I no longer dread going to the carwash. I now look forward to it, I’m always wondering if I will bump into the same people as last weekend or what other weird characters I might meet and befriend for the afternoon.

Getting my car washed has now become a little more relaxing and pleasurable for me. It gives me a chance to get some play time with my girls, wrap up the weekend and get ready for the week ahead. So, try and find yourself a carwash near you where you can not only drive off with huge smile on your face but a spotless car too.

By Noni Nchwe