Chery isn’t a new name in the South African vehicle market, some years ago they made an entrance into our market and offered consumers budget-friendly Chery’s. However, the brand itself didn’t seem to stick around for too long before vanishing into thin air. Fast forward to 2021 and Chery is ready to reintroduce themselves, this time with a slightly different offering, and it’s something that you may find interesting.

South African motoring media (us included) were invited by Chery for a meet and greet with the brand’s local custodians, it turns out that they had news to share. Now before we get into Chery’s big reveal, let’s first get a brief understanding of who they are and what their intentions are. For starters, Chery says it’s establishing Chery South Africa, which will add to the brand’s global network spanning over 80 countries. They’ve set up offices in Johannesburg, Bryanston. Offices in a posh neighbourhood won’t mean much to you the end consumer, but what is significant is that Chery will appoint 30 dealerships across South Africa and their first shipment of vehicles is set to arrive by Q4 of 2021. “By entering the market directly, customers will be able to experience the best that Chery has to offer, both in customer service and in our next-generation of products. If our experience in other global markets is anything to go by, then customers will be blown away.”  Said Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery South Africa, Tony Liu. The Chinese seem confident in what they’re bringing to the table and they’re intent on leaving a solid mark this time around.

We were privileged enough to witness their latest generation of vehicles in the metal, and although the opportunity to drive the cars was not availed to us as some units were left-hand-drive and there for display purposes only, what we witnessed in Chery’s new product line up was impressive. To re-establish itself locally, Chery is initiating its assault with four ultra-modern SUVs. As a start, they’ll be introducing the first of these SUVs as early as Q4 of 2021. This will be the Chery TIGGO 4 SUV, which will be followed by what they call the TIGGO 8 in Q1 0f 2022. A TIGGO 7 and TIGGO Cross will be next in line, both of which are set to be compact SUVs and will be delivered to the motherland in Q2 and Q3 of 2021 respectively. The brand has hinted at a TIGGO PUP variant for 2023 – this may not be part of the initial SUV lineup, but they’re not giving too much away just yet.

Having previewed some of the vehicles listed above, one thing we can tell you is that Chery is coming back with a seemingly quality and dare we say, a premium product. On the face of it, their new breed of cars appears to be well-built, with modern tech and quality interior finishes. We look forward to seeing whether this translates to a real-world experience once we spend time behind the wheel of the respective models. Pricing will also be an interesting factor to consider once Chery announces how many Randella’s it will take to acquire one of their vehicles.

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