Before buying a vehicle you should consider your driving style and then after weighing all the pros and cons, make a decision. Both sedans and SUVs are equally popular among drivers worldwide, but they are completely different in terms of fuel consumption, boot space and handling. Most sedans are stylish, elegant and appealing to certain people, whereas some SUVs are powerful and dynamic, preferred by adventure-seeking drivers.

Pros & Cons of sedans

The first advantage of all sedans is their low ground clearance, which makes it easy to get in and out of the car. Also, having a lower centre of gravity, these vehicles are at less risk of rolling over on a bumpy road. Secondly, the price of sedans is lower than that of SUVs and the cost of insurance is much lower too. As for the passenger space, sedans can comfortably accommodate between 4 and 5 passengers.

Sedans are fuel efficient compared to SUVs which is considered a great advantage due to the current economic climate. There are also some disadvantages. Sedans have less boot space in comparison to SUVs and aren’t appropriate for towing because they are much lighter and smaller than SUVs.

Pros & Cons of SUVs

SUVs are sporty and reliable with many safety features, which ensure safe and smooth driving on-road or off-road. Their high ground clearance makes them a good solution for off-road driving and ensures increased visibility.

Most SUV models can seat between 5 and 9 passengers, and they are much larger in size and weight when compared to sedans, which means they are quite capable of towing large loads.

One of the cons is that these vehicles are pretty big – their size makes it difficult to manoeuvre and park them. The large size also means that they consume more fuel and give out more CO2 emissions than the smaller sedans. This characteristic prevents them from being an ideal car in an urban environment.

While you are in the process of selecting a car you should keep your budget, preferences and driving style in mind. Do not forget to test drive the vehicle models you are interested in and ask the dealership for advice.

By Wanita Wallace