Mitsubishi was first established as a shipping company in Japan in 1870. Since the first model’s release in 1917, a reputation of innovation and reliability strengthened a foundation for Mitsubishi SUV’s in the motoring industry. The original Pajero SUV was first launched in 1973, and eventually came first place in the Paris Dakar Rally in 1985, which was the first of twelve Dakar Rally wins for the rugged SUV. The original Pajero paved the way for the new, sophisticated Pajero Sport.

The Pajero Sport is considered best-in-class for its 8-speed automatic transmission and MiVEC turbo diesel engine. The super-select 4-wheel drive dialing system allows you to easily switch to off-roading without the hassle of stalling or not overcoming a daring peak. For more off-roading convenience and safety, the 4-wheel drive derivative has Hill Descent Control and Off-road Mode Control. This allows you to maneuver yourself through a muddy patch or bumpy terrain and as it gets darker, you can easily switch on the headlamp washer and continue your adventure in full sight.

The 4 wheel-drive derivative comes standard with an electric chromatic rear-view mirror. This assists in automatically reducing glare when you’re faced with bright lights behind you.

The interior offers a balanced combination of luxurious good-looks, advanced safety and high-end technology. All seven seats have full leather upholstery, including the multifunctional steering wheel – which is tilt and telescopically adjustable. You can access your infotainment system as well as your cruise control from the steering wheel for optimal drive concentration. An unexpected standard feature are paddle shifts located behind the steering wheel for your shifting suitability.

The driver’s seat is electrically adjustable, which is convenient for those who don’t like the jolt of manual seat adjustment. For added comfort, this incredible SUV has fully automatic dual air-conditioning with rear passenger controls. This nifty feature is quite handy when travelling with multiple passengers, ensuring everyone’s at a comfortable temperature.

I like the fact that the vehicle is quite spacious. You can fit seven people in the car, fit 193-litres of luggage and still have ample leg room to sit comfortably. Both the second and third row seats fold flat allowing a larger cargo area.

You needn’t worry about you and your passengers’ safety as the Pajero Sport has six airbags, Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution body construction (RISE), Active Stability and Traction Control (ASTC), brake override system, and more. The RISE body construction absorbs the impact of a collision by using a straight frame structure to ensure the safety of all passengers. Active Stability and Traction Control allow the driver to maintain control of the vehicle in heavy weather conditions and emergency movements. This feature works together with ABS to counteract any slipping and loss of vehicle control.

Standard exterior features include striking and energetic tail lights, auto-levelling headlamps, daytime running lights and a convenient roof rack.

The most unique aspect of the Pajero Sport are the features for which you usually pay extra, that now come standard.

Head over to CMH Mitsubishi Menlyn and speak to Dealer Principal, Pieter Voges; Sales Manager, Orapeleng Mpolokeng or Sales Executive, Johan Robbertse to get the best deal on your new Pajero Sport.

By Inge Stols

Editor: Kersh Moodley