Volvo has a long history of producing innovative, powerful and exceptionally safe vehicles. The Swedish powerhouse manufacturer has been the winner of numerous awards for excellent design, and with the growth in popularity of their vehicles, it is my distinct pleasure to be able to preview the Volvo XC 60.

Volvo East Rand is proudly part of the Volvo Car Corporation who pride themselves on the phenomenal, luxurious products they sell. Amanda Louw, the Dealer Principal of Volvo East Rand, is proud of the dealership’s promise to maximise customer satisfaction by designing the Volvo range around the needs of the client. By understanding uniqueness, the Volvo East Rand team strives to ensure that the perfect vehicle for each client is identified and the purchase process is both smooth-sailing and thrilling for the client. Winning numerous awards for excellence in sales and in-service experiences, Volvo East Rand is a customer-centric dealership seeking to give their best in each aspect of vehicle sales, service and maintenance.

Volvo upholds a philosophy of seeking ways to make people’s lives better, safer and easier; and in a dealership such as Volvo East Rand, the happiness and safety of the client is always prioritised. Truly caring for their clients, the team at Volvo East Rand has proven to be exceptionally capable and intuitive in the way they work with people.

In doing a preview of the Volvo XC 60, my attention is drawn to the line, “built for anything” which is used when describing this unique crossover-SUV. With a suave and dashing exterior, the XC 60 gives off the impression that you should actually be chauffeured around in it, whilst at the same time presenting itself as a functional and practical vehicle that could take on rough roads if needed. I am personally a big fan of the Volvo styling that is so distinctive, especially at the rear of the vehicle. The XC 60, like the XC 40 and XC 90, has a signature ready-for-action look, softened by beautiful and classic lines and a pronounced grille cluster that catches the eye.

As is to be expected of a Volvo, the interior is sublime: tastefully laid out in soft, light leather trim (although the hugely popular black leather is available on request). Numerous inlay options can be added to enhance your personal style. Elegance and technology seem to meet amicably in a neat dashboard layout. As noted in the Volvo motto, “every detail matters”, there doesn’t seem a stitch out of place in the refined cabin, which is aimed at maximising driver control.

The Sensus system in the cockpit is the Swedish manufacturer’s offering to connect the vehicle and the driver to the world around them through the stunning tranquil cabin, fitted with intuitive and user-friendly instruments and controls. A multimedia hub exists as a focal point, called the Sensus screen, which operates all systems, media and audio programmes and real-time camera relays from all around the car itself. The XC 60 comes equipped with all the features you would expect of a modern, technologically-advanced vehicle and leaves you wanting almost nothing.

Since the start of their manufacturing era in the early twenties, Volvo has mastered the art of prioritising and pioneering driver and passenger safety. Taking the lead in modern day design, Volvo has also been instrumental in the development and implementation of such important safety mechanisms as the three-point safety belt which has undoubtedly saved countless lives. This vision and mission remains ingrained in every Volvo produced; and as such, the XC 60 boasts industry leading, cutting-edge safety innovations to do just that. A full house of airbags and electronic systems (together with structural safety measures) result in class-leading safety ratings for this vehicle.

Following on this, the XC 60 is equipped to scan the environment in an attempt to pre-empt dangerous situations and, where possible, mitigate damage. The City Safety system is a low-speed collision avoidance technology that takes over in hazardous situations to intervene in perceived impending collisions. This incredible feature is standard in all models and across variants, which is classic of Volvo’s generosity. Similarly, pedestrian detection was also developed in house and furthermore assists in enhancing safety and is included on board.

Various engine options are available for the XC 60 which incorporate technologies designed to improve drive efficiency, yet lower running costs. To this end, the Drive-E powertrain in the XC 60 combines the lower fuel consumption of a four-cylinder engine with the power and thrust of a 6 or 8 cylinder. Producing 180 Kw of power, the XC 60 will not leave you wanting in the performance department. The result is a supremely satisfying drive that is agile and responsive, without needing to stop at the pump as often.

With deals for this magnificent vehicle starting at around R630 418, the Volvo XC 60 is on show at Volvo East Rand at present and is supported by excellent warranties and service plans. The dealership also boasts a fully equipped workshop where all your servicing needs will be met. With almost no comebacks noted, the workshop promises unrivalled turnaround times and excellent follow-ups that are aimed at ensuring you are satisfied and content with your new acquisition.


Journalist: Desh Bechan

Reporter: Inge Stols

Editor: Belinda Anderson