I am always super excited when I receive an invite from Daytona so this time around wasn’t any different. Today I spent the day with the Daytona crew.

With the recent announcement made by our president Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa in regards with the precautions to be taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Daytona had to cut their countrywide Rolls Royce Road trip short. This road trip convoy consisted of a Phantom, 2 Cullinan Black Badges, a Cullinan and a Dawn.

With that being said, this gave the dealership the opportunity to have the cars in the showroom for a day longer before heading back to the UK. So, Daytona decided to host a media driving experience. The event took place from 11h00am and started off as a road trip to Pretoria and back, followed by a lunch.

We were given the opportunity to take turns in driving the five Rolls Royce’s that were available on the open highway.

The experience was mind blowing. I got to drive the white Cullinan Black Badge and the Phantom. I could feel the V12 power of the Black Badge as I hit the freeway. The sheer driving pleasure and comfort of the vehicle was a pleasurable experience. Taking a look at the interior, great efforts are usually expelled to separate the occupants from the mechanical function of a Rolls-Royce. Color and Trim experts from the company, however, gently sensationalized Black Badge’s engineering content, combining superlative comfort effortlessly, bold aesthetics, advanced materials, and precise, meticulous craftsmanship.

A final touch completes the interior seating: As an elegant reminder of the force found inside, the Infinity lemniscate motif is embroidered into the fold-down rear armrest. Also included in the illuminated treadplates is this simple but effective emblem and etched on the polished and darkened steel clock case. Red-tipped clock hands and instrument show needles also act as a distinct reminder of the versatile capabilities of the vehicle.

Once back at the dealership we were treated to a delicious lunch and had gifts waiting for us. Once again, Daytona went all out with their event planning and catering and everyone in attendance was seemingly impressed.

By Noni Nchwe