South African speedsters can be thankful that local coppers don’t roll around in the Dodge Charger Pursuit AWD.

The car recently recorded the fastest lap time, during the Michigan State Police’s 2014 Vehicle Evaluation Test.

Dodge Charger On Track - Surf4cars

According to Dodge, the pursuit-rated sedan was designed to be America’s best high-performance, all-season police vehicle.

Underneath its long hood sits a V8 HEMI engine, with 276kW on tap. This time, power is sent to all-four wheels rather than the rear – so that it’s able to stick even when the weather would want otherwise. It’ll dash from 0-100km/h in around six seconds.

In case those pesky criminals try to drive off in the menacing Charger, it’s been fitted with a Secure Park system, which prevents the car from being driven unless the key fob is inside.

Dodge Charger - Surf4cars

Dodge even has a Police Advisory Board for the development of these cars; and on their advice a smart digital interface was integrated, as well as “heavy-duty” police front seats and a column-mounted shifter.

But don’t expect to be seeing one of these around town soon. The Charger isn’t manufactured for right-hand drive markets and the only saloon offered locally by the Chrysler Group, is the 300C.