This weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Festival of Motoring in Midrand at the Kyalami Racetrack in Johannesburg. I was joined by thousands of enthusiastic car lovers, families and what seemed to be dads having a bonding session with their sons.

The event boasted brands including VW, Audi, BMW, Haval, Volvo, Jeep and showed off plenty fancy vehicles on display. A large number of exhibitors from companies in the motoring industry also attended and showed off their displays. I spotted a few tyre companies, car polish and even The Road Accident Fund.

The Festival of Motoring is not your average motoring event. It’s the one event that brings the entire industry together and allows visitors to not only view or compare the latest models, but to jump in and experience the performance and handling of these vehicles on the track. Festival of Motoring provides world class motoring and motorsport content to appeal to the many petrol heads with the show having a strong family appeal.

Even though the parking situation was a bit of a disappointment with having to walk a good +- 30 mins from where I had parked to the entrance, the sign in process was simple and quick. The ushers were very helpful and made the experience very pleasant.

The Festival of Motoring came prepared and catered for all ages. The food court offered a wide delicious variety of foods to choose from between the test drives and had a lovely shaded area where attendants could take a seat, enjoy their lunch and take a breather. I also spotted Bounce which catered for the kids, there was an entertainment court for them too fully equipped with a jumping castle, tables and a seating are for them too. It could have been easily turned into a family day with the kids and the family entertained.

The Festival of Motoring showed extensive positive growth in terms of visitor numbers and exhibitors since first held at Kyalami in 2016. There has been an increase from 3 public show days to 4 which is a clear testament to that growth. Show visitors enjoyed seeing both static and active content including supercars, classic cars and historic and modern motorsport activations. Leading industry related after market and accessory companies also showed off their exhibits at the event.

Misfortune did hit the 2019 Kyalami Festival of Motoring though on Friday morning when a privately-owned Ferrari 488 crashed at the end of the main straight during a hot-lap session. The driver and passenger’s injuries are unknown, but an ambulance was quickly dispatched to the scene.

I will be looking forward to the 2020 Motor Show.

By Noni Nchwe