When heading to New Vaal South Dealership in the South of Johannesburg, I am always eager to check in with Dealer Principal Andre Potgieter. Not only is this DP a gentleman and a fountain of knowledge, but he has a contagious sense of pride and enthusiasm for both the Jeep and Fiat brands. As always, Andre is excited about offering me opportunities to experience one of the vehicles on their showroom floor – and today, that is the Fiat Tipo.

With his characteristic humility and graciousness, Andre explains to me that his support for female journalists extends to female drivers as a whole; noting that more and more independent women are entering the car market, Andre feels that the increase of women who make final decisions in such important spheres as car purchases, needs to be highlighted. He also notes that in an era where women carry more than just family wellbeing, vehicles that support their ability to multitask, budget effectively and be successful should be upheld.

The Fiat Tipo is one such vehicle. Sales Executive Shane Hartnick notes that the new Fiat Tipo comes in two styles, namely Sedan and Hatchback, and with their efficient, high-quality design provide some strong competition for other vehicles in this class. Coming in at really affordable prices, the Tipo is a vehicle to take note of.

Beautiful and classic Fiat design is prominent in both the Tipo sedan and hatchback versions; wide-eyed headlight and grille styling in the front creates a fresh, alert look, whilst the elegant body lines run to a shapely culmination at the boot. The Tipo looks well put-together on the inside too, with classic, clean-cut design elements that bring together a logical and sensible outlay in the cockpit. The Tipo provides a sense of uncluttered comfort, with various options for additional extras and upgrades available. The Tipo looks great with 17-inch alloys (which are optional depending on the variant) and is particularly pleasing to me in its elegant Sedan shape.

The drive is pleasurable, with a great responsiveness in-gear to accelerate when you need to overtake on the open road. The vehicle feels agile with a light and supple drive thanks to superb, soft suspension that really evens out bumps and shudders. The cabin is quiet to road noise, which is always a big plus in my books, and boasts superb efficiency in terms of fuel consumption. The sales team at New Vaal South notes that 4.5 litres to 100 kilometres is a good average for this vehicle, whilst extremely low emissions are also noteworthy.

The biggest plus for this vehicle, other than its contemporary styling and efficient design, is its affordable price… starting around R229 900 for the sedan version, this vehicle is a logical and smart choice for young families, businesswomen (alright, and men), and the independent young lady striving to achieve her career- or family-goals.

For more info from the warm and caring team at New Vaal South, click the link: New Vaal South Dealership


By Desh Bechan