I noticed the other day that I was seeing a lot more Fiat vehicles on the road lately; in saying that, I realised that the Fiat Tipo was definitely making a strong statement regarding its presence, considering that I am seeing many more of these gorgeous cars on the road. Last year I had the pleasure of driving the sedan Tipo, and to kick-start this year, I thought it would be pertinent to test-drive the hatchback version.

Arriving at New Vaal South Dealership in the South of Johannesburg, I meet up with Roger Machado, Sales Manager for the Dealership who seems eager to share his knowledge about the vehicle at hand. Roger feels that the Tipo is an excellent representative of the Fiat brand, with it’s charming good looks and superb on-board features (and not to mention, legendary Fiat attention to detail).

Roger explains that the Tipo Hatch, with a starting price of R248 000, has been designed for efficiency and comfort, and that the 1.4 litre manual Hatch I am taking for a spin, can be summed up in the statement, “a good, solid car”. With fuel consumption as low as 3.7 litres per 100 kilometres noted, inching upward to around 7 litres per 100 kilometres in traffic-dense scenarios, the Tipo is definitely a Hatchback on the rise.

Beautiful and classic Fiat design is prominent in the Tipo hatchback; wide-eyed headlight and grille styling in the front creates a fresh, alert look, whilst the elegant body lines run to a shapely culmination at the boot. The Tipo looks well put-together on the inside too, with classic, clean-cut design elements that bring together a logical and sensible outlay in the cockpit. The Tipo provides a sense of uncluttered comfort, with various options for additional extras and upgrades available. The Tipo looks great with 17-inch alloys (which are optional depending on the variant) and is particularly sexy on the hatchback.

Driving the Tipo is terrific as I feel it has great responsiveness in-gear to accelerate when you need to overtake on the open road. The vehicle feels agile with a light and supple drive thanks to superb, soft suspension that really evens out bumps and shudders. The cabin is quiet to road noise, which is always a big plus in my books, and boasts a lovely, spacious boot.

Chatting to Roger as I get to know the Tipo, I note that he exudes pride in the brands his Dealership represents. Being a massive fan of all three brands, Fiat, Jeep and Alfa, Roger admits his favourite vehicle is the rugged Jeep Wrangler. I smile as he emphatically states that he believes everyone should own a Jeep, and that his belief in this Dealership is so strong that he has had the majority of his family buy their vehicles through New Vaal South motors where he knows they will receive quality care, value for money and outstanding service.

Looking forward to the launch of the Alfa Giulia QV later this year, Roger also adds that the magnificent Stelvio will be making waves in South Africa (check the Surf4Cars website for my launch review on this incredible SUV done last year). Feeling positive about the future of the brands at New Vaal South, Roger believes that with thirteen years’ experience – most of which he has dedicated to his beloved Jeep brand – he knows what makes a good vehicle, and these are the vehicles on offer at New Vaal South.

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By Desh Bechan