What a bomb. Audi dropped a tasty surprise at the Frankfurt Motor Show and it’s called the Nanuk quattro.

Audi nanuk quattro concept

The diesel concept car claims a torque output of 1000Nm and a 0-100km/h time of under four seconds. But just look at it. Muscular, brash and somewhat Lamborghini-esque in appearance, the Nanuk is undeniably hot. The folks at Italdesign Giugiaro lent their styling talents to its physique.

Audi nanuk quattro concept

A middle-mounted V10TDI engine propels the concept and it produces over 400kW. Like with any high-performance Audi, power is shoved to all four wheels and shifting all this might is a seven-speed S-tronic transmission. The Nanuk weighs around 1900 kilograms, its top speed is rated at 305km/h.

They say it’s as agile as it looks too, mostly thanks to a four-wheel steering system. According to Audi it shortens the wheelbase by virtually 100 centimetres, making for a shorter turning circle.

Audi nanuk quattro concept

As the Germans do, Audi thought about the pragmatic aspects too. So the entire rear bodywork can be flipped upward, in one piece like a race car, for maintenance work. And the boot is at the front of the car, like you’d find in an R8, with purported room for a golf bag.

Audi auf der 65. Internationalen Automobil-Ausstellung in Frankfurt am Main

Inside you’ll find a trick instrument panel, which doesn’t exclusively house the tachometer and speedometer, but instead allows the driver to choose the information he or she wants to see. Conventional side-mirrors have been ditched in favor of cameras, which relay their views to two tablet-like screens in the corner of the interior A-pillars.