The evolution of cars has come a long way since the introduction of the very first car in 1886. Cars have changed in size, shapes colors, features and speed. In the past decade alone, we have had such major advancements and most recently the introduction of Hybrids and electric cars.

The first hybrid was introduced in 1997. It was the Toyota Prius, launched n Japan followed by the launch of the Honda Insight in 1999. Soon after Tesla introduced a range of fully electric cars meaning we could now drive around in cars that are not powered by gasoline but by electricity. This meant a great deal for our environment.

Companies all over the world are trying to reduce engine sizes in order to optimize fuel consumption and minimize carbon emissions. The world has become more environmentally conscious and we are doing our best to preserve our environment.

If you can think back to a few years ago having things like a sunroof and electric windows was a luxury in most cases but now all these features come as a standard on most modern-day cars. Do you remember back when we played cassette tapes? Soon that switched to CD’s, then USB ports became popular and now with the new and advanced infotainment systems, we are able to play music and have telephone conversations from our cars through Bluetooth. Cars now have less knobs and buttons; all those have been replaced by touch screen infotainment systems.

Long gone are the days when one would have to carry a map around on long distance trips trying to navigate from town to town. With the advancement of cars has come the introduction of Google Maps and Navigation systems. Once again, if you were to purchase a brand-new car today, these features would come standard installed in your vehicle. You will have access to maps at your fingertips.

We all fantasize about driving a sleek coupe convertible. Now back in the day-and I mean back, back in the day-owning a convertible wasn’t as luxurious and elegant as it is now. The first convertibles ever produced did not have the option of a retractable roof. So, if you owned a convertible in 1896 you wouldn’t have had the luxury of being able to draw back your top in unfavorable weather conditions. Fast forward to the 21st century where one can retract the roof of their drop top with a simple switch of a button. We even have the option of a hard or soft top.

Watching cars evolve throughout the years has been an interesting and informative journey and with 2020 on the horizon I am curious to see what the near future holds.

By Noni Nchwe