When it comes to looking for a comfortable compact sedan at a reasonable price, Nissan’s new and improved Almera definitely needs to be seen to be believed. Designed to be affordable yet comfortable, the Almera is also made to be easy on the environment and the eye, for that matter.

Dealer Principal of both Group 1 Nissan the Glen as well as Group 1 Renault the Glen, George Stegmann, has been with the Nissan brand for 25 years. Still enthusiastic about what the Nissan brand stands for, George believes that inspiring loyalty to customers, making affordable vehicles that are superior in quality accessible to the public, and providing cutting-edge technology and services to clients, is the recipe for a respected – and successful – Dealership.

As the Sales Manager for the Group 1 Nissan the Glen dealership, Francois Jacobs may be relatively new to this specific floor, but is certainly no stranger to the motoring industry. With eighteen years of experience in motoring, he notes that he is driven by the experience of human interaction and the thrill of selling a great vehicle to deserving customers. His motto remains that the customer is always right, and that in such a way, the customer must be respected and prioritised at all times. This has served him well in the industry thus far and has settled him in at this Dealership where he feels so at home.

Obed Motau is the Sales representative that introduces me to the Nissan Almera. With three years of experience in the industry, Obed believes in honesty and transparency when serving his clients. With the type of quality vehicles on show at Group 1 Nissan the Glen, it is easy to present products to customers when the products speak for themselves. Obed notes that the new generation Almera is jam-packed with accessories and features; designed to promote freedom of movement and an easy daily commute, the Almera has loads of room and high levels of comfort and as such lends itself to being an ideal family car.

The new generation Almera has been substantially refreshed in terms of its outward appearance. A more rounded rear gives it a modern spin that also makes it easy to recognise from a distance. In terms of the front, the Almera’s tapered and angular headlamps merge in beautifully with the expanded grille. It still maintains its sleek lines, but in my opinion, is much less bulky and cumbersome in this incarnation than its predecessor. There is an element of strength in the body design, which hints at the multitude of interior safety features built into the vehicle itself. Zone Body Construction means that clearly defined crushable zones are part of the design to absorb and disperse impact should it come to the point of collision. The high-strength cabin is designed to protect the rest of the passengers on board at the same time. Notable safety features include driver and passenger airbags, ABS and EBD. Brake Assist and IsoFix child seat tethers are also included, as well as a high-mounted stop light to enhance your visibility to other drivers.

The interior of the Almera is a nod to its primary focus of remaining affordable. There are no ostentatious displays of luxury, and instead, the cabin is well-appointed, neat and is ergonomically presented. Effort has been made to ensure finishes are of good quality, and the upholstered seats look great together with the mat-sets and the matching door-finishes in black and grey. There is ample space in the Almera, thanks to the way it has been designed; head and leg room is sufficient even in the back seat. A full 490 litres of boot capacity is at your disposal, and make this a superb family vehicle, with more than enough room and comfort to keep the other half (and the kids) happy. I envision a bike and school bags easily popped into the boot. A handsfree phone system and AM/FM/Radio audio system on board also allows for Aux, Bluetooth and MP3 connectivity, and arm rests in the front and rear also sport cupholders for all on board.

The cabin is well insulated against road noise, and the aerodynamic shape make it quite resistant to wind noise too, promoting a relaxing and comfortable drive. A multi-function drive computer displays important information in the most convenient place where you will not have to move your eyes from the road, whilst rear park assist helps you to navigate into even tight spaces.

Penned to be the “best Almera ever”, this generation Almera is released in two variants of the 1.5 litre petrol engine – a 5-speed manual derivative and a 4-speed automatic, both of which produce 71 kW of power and 134 Nm of torque. Added to your comfort and space-requirements inside the Almera, the heart of the vehicle is powerful and efficient, with extremely low emissions to protect the environment. An added benefit of this is the low levels of fuel consumption which Nissan notes to be 7.2 litres per 100 kilometres, ultimately saving you on money spent at the pump.

Group 1 Nissan’s slogan is “you will be satisfied”, and in saying this notes that the relationship between customer and Dealer doesn’t end at purchase. With this Dealership being an award-winning Nissan service-provider that is one of South Africa’s top Nissan pricing and promotion specialists, Group 1 Nissan the Glen will ensure your vehicle is maintained and kept in tip-top shape at all times.

For further information on Nissan products and services, please feel free to contact Group 1 Nissan the Glen on: https://www.group1nissan.co.za/nissan-johannesburg/



Journalist: Desh Bechan 

Reporter: Inge Stols

Editor: Belinda Anderson