This SUV-inspired hatch has definitely made an impression amongst new vehicle owners. It offers much more than what we’re used to in terms of space, fuel efficiency and price. Group 1 Renault has given me the opportunity to take this zippy hatch for a test drive. Sitting in the car with me is Sales Executive Corne Gunther who shows me what this urban trooper can do.


From the onset the Kwid Dynamique looks like a lady bug from the rear, but the moment you walk around the vehicle you’ll notice its fierce C-shaped grille. The exterior displays exactly what we’re all thinking, “this is not just any hatch”. Apart from the bold grille, you’ll notice its chiseled curves and stylish fog lamps. You’ll also notice that on the Dynamique, the exterior side mirrors are different in colour to the rest of the vehicle; giving it its unique look.


The first feature I noticed when I got into the vehicle was the infotainment system. A seven-inch multimedia touchscreen with navigation stares you right in the face as you get ready to switch on the ignition. The Expression derivative, however, does not have the touchscreen system, but still has your basic radio with Bluetooth connectivity.

Both windows in the front of the vehicle are electric and though you don’t have electric windows at the back, the manual window lever is still conveniently located right next to the seat. Both derivatives have Aircon and the Dynamique includes the circulation option. Central locking is also featured in all the Kwid models – including an immobiliser. An accessible lock button is located next to the steering wheel so one can simply lock and unlock the doors when needed.

The cluster in front of the steering wheel is almost completely digital. Your gauges are clearly visible, and the fuel markers are placed right where you can see them. The boot space is something to take notice of as it has a whopping 300-liter capacity.

The Drive

The drive was a pleasant one as such. When faced with an uphill, the Kwid definitely took the challenge head-on and made it without any difficulties – despite only having a 1.0 Liter engine capacity. Pull-away is easy and quick with little to no rattling.

If you’re not in the market for a manual vehicle, the Kwid is now available in automatic as well. In fact, if you’re in the market for a vehicle with no gear lever at all, the Kwid automatic AMT is the car for you, with a simple twist the dial that enables gear shift.

Renault offers a 5-year/150 000km mechanical warranty, 6-year anti-corrosion warranty and service intervals of 15 000km.

Visit Group 1 Renault and speak to Dealer Principal George Stegmann, Sales Manager Trevor Mohan or Sales Executive Corne Gunther.


Journalist: Inge Stols