Many people find it difficult to choose between a hatchback or a sedan for many different reasons, however, hatchbacks seem to be the most popular option. But it all comes down to what you prefer in a vehicle. If you want a sportier look and feel the hatchback may be the way to go.

Most come with improved drivetrains, suspension and engines to provide it with enhanced speed and handling, especially for the adventurous type, whereas a sedan is more family-oriented. One of the main differences between a sedan and hatchback is the boot space and how it is divided.

A sedan’s boot is partitioned away from the passenger cabin, whereas a hatchback has no boot as such. A hatchback has space behind the rear passenger seat that is easily accessible through a rear door. A hatchback is also shorter which makes it easy to distinguish between the two.

A sedan has a significantly larger boot than that of a hatchback because it is longer in length. A hatchback’s boot has room enough for groceries or various other smaller items.

One of the main advantages of owning a hatchback is the way it is designed. When you fold the rear seats, it creates a much bigger storage area, sometimes even larger than a sedan’s boot, however, the seating area for additional passengers is taken away.

A great example of what you can fit into the hatchback once the seats are folded down, is small items, such as chairs or a coffee table, or extra groceries.

By Wanita Wallace