We don’t realize just how much of our time we spend driving on the road. Whether it is between home and the office or taking long distance trips for work. Driving all day for long periods at a time and eating at petrol station stops can lead you as a driver down an unhealthy path. I recently took a long-distance trip down to Ponto Du Ouro and here are a few tips that helped me through the long 8 hour drive.


-As hard as it is to find healthy and wholesome food on the road, you need to avoid having heavy fatty foods. These unhealthy choices may be a quick fix at the time but have very long-lasting side effects. Another disadvantage of having fast food is it is not very filling, meaning you will be making more frequent stops.


-Instead of snacking on chocolates and crisps, rather stock up on some fruits or biscuits. They are a much healthier and filling option.


-A sleepy driver is not a safe driver. If you feel tired or drowsy while on the road, rather park and catch up on a few hours of sleep or you could always stop and just get a bit of fresh air. Most garages are now equipped with jungle gyms and small parks. You can either take a short walk or just sit out in the fresh air and catch a break.  With the poor condition of our roads it is not safe to be behind the steering wheel if you are not 100 percent alert because you could be putting not just yourself but other people in danger too. Getting the required number of hours of sleep will ensure that you are refreshed and ready for the long trip ahead.


-Very important, always carry water. Water helps keeps your body hydrated and healthy. If you are driving on a long-distance trip you cannot afford to be catching a stomach bug along the way, and with the changing weather temperatures between towns you do not want to be driving with a severe headache. So, the best thing is always to stay hydrated.


-As the driver you can make sure you plan all your stops ahead. That way, it guarantees that your eating pattern remains the same throughout your trip. Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Do not skip meals and substitute them with snacks or junk food. If you are travelling with kids, you might need to schedule in those pee breaks as well.

So remember even when you are on the road to try keeping all your meals healthy and nutritious, and every now and then, try to sneak in a little exercise while you’re at it! Happy driving!

By Noni Nchwe