Is there a more popular type of vehicle at the moment, than the compact SUV? Although this seems like a rhetorical question, the truth is that this is currently one of the most competitive segments in the industry. Compact SUV’s were designed to meet the needs of the adventurer, the mid-sized family or the professional individual who enjoys the finer things in life, and in this regard, Honda presents the stylish and modern HR-V as its five-seater luxury crossover.

When it comes to Honda products and services in the Pretoria area, Honda Zambezi is definitely on the forefront – boasting a fully-fledged workshop and parts department, as well as new and used vehicle sales divisions. Whilst on the topic of new things, this Dealership also proudly welcomed a new Dealer Principal recently. Introducing Adri Botha to the motoring industry is an honour, as it always is when meeting fellow female motoring enthusiasts; a woman of few words, Adri displays a passion for people and ensuring that each person who comes to the Dealership feels welcome.

When it comes to feeling welcome, two friendly gentlemen at the Dealership who always go the extra mile to ensure clients receive hospitable treatment are Sydney Mpolokeng (Team Leader) and Pieter Cronje (Sales Representative). A formidable team when it comes to presenting Honda products to the public, this duo both have numerous years of experience in the industry and have an enduring respect for the Honda brand. As a symbol of reliability and trustworthiness, Honda has a long history in this country and both Pieter and Sydney feel strongly that whilst this legacy inspires a sense of dependability, the reality of Honda’s new, innovative products must also be shared with the world.

Following this, Pieter tells me that whilst Honda has a reputation as a solid brand that was aimed at more mature people in the past, there has been a transformation in the design of Honda products which are now on par for the youthful, vibrant and adventurous community as well.  Both Sydney and Pieter feel that it is very important to promote transparency and integrity in serving clients, and as such, their approach to customer service is to pay attention to detail and ensure that they follow through on what they have promised. At a Dealership where team work and loyalty are core philosophies, this prove to be very promising for would-be clients who would like to learn more about Honda products, such as the amazing HR-V.

A stylish crossover, the HR-V has become known on the roads for its good looks and great comfort levels. The abbreviation officially stands for High Rider Vehicle, but has also been used to denote the HR-V as a “Hybrid Recreational Vehicle”, which is a perfect summary of what it is in my opinion. It has smooth, elegant lines and is not overly bulky like some other vehicles in this segment. Modern touches are kept to a minimum which I like, as it prevents a “plastic”-appearance. I enjoy the smile-like styling on the rear of the vehicle and note that the handles on the rear doors are incorporated at the top, near the pillar, adding to the sporty and contemporary look.

A well-sized vehicle, this SUV has ample head and leg room in the cabin. Even in the back, I was able to sit comfortably with the front seats pushed back as far as they could go. In the cockpit, I feel wonderfully supported by the comfortable seating, and enjoy the soft-touch finishes inside the cabin. There is also sufficient head and leg room for the driver, thanks to a centre mounted fuel tank design. The cockpit presents with a sense of cool, collected sophistication, with a classy interior that is brought to a focal point in a well-appointed dashboard. Equipped with all the bells and whistles needed from an infotainment perspective, I have everything within reach to make my drive memorable. The drive height is perfect for me, and I have great visibility all around. Additionally, with reverse cameras and parking assist I find parking (especially at the busy mall and in tight spaces) a breeze – the vehicle controls with ease and precision. Steering is lightweight and responsive, and I enjoy the way the vehicle manoeuvres in and out of traffic.

The 1.8 litre variant I am driving is fitted with the i-VTEC engine that produces 105 kW and 172 Nm torque to give a satisfying take-off. Due to this superb engine design, the fuel consumption is low, noted at 6.8 litres to every 100 kilometres, which is relatively impressive for a vehicle in this class. This is always good news, most especially with recent fuel price hikes and as such, the HR-V will be a benefit to the growing family.

Back at the Dealership, there is a general sense of excitement about the future of BB Honda Zambezi as well as for the continuing evolution of the brand. With current promotions ensuring you can get a top-spec BR-V for less than R300 000, this is the Dealership to contact. Running a phenomenal special on the HR-V at the moment, follow them on this link:Honda Zambezi

Article By:

Editor: Desh Bechan

Reporter and Author: Inge Stols & Belinda Anderson