Honda BR-V: Grace…. space… pace.

Honda BR-V:  Grace…. space… pace.

Honda Rivonia is particularly proud of their BRV, why I ask, I mean what does it really have to offer, hold on, I drove it so I shall tell you my opinion and whether the Bold Runabout Vehicle stays true to its name.

Is it a smaller CR-V? In a way, yes, it is a smaller CR-V, but one thing I’m sure about is that the BR-V offers everything that its rivals do, and some more… almost. As we are aware, especially if we’ve researched similar vehicles, the BR-V has established itself as a capable and brilliant vehicle to compete with, many of which have taken the market by storm, but allow me to point out some of my experiences which I believe can perhaps set the 7 seater apart from the rest.

The BR-V, is almost 4.5 metres in length and weighs in at about 1.2 tonnes. It is a pure-bred front-wheel drive. An introduction from Honda Rivonia’s capable and knowledgeable product specialist said that the engineers have worked on making this engine quieter and smoother. And sure enough the drive revealed just that, yes, the drivability of the engine has been improved. I must say that he doesn’t like to be revved hard, but the mid-range is relatively forceful and enough to take care of quick highway overtakes and more than enough if you’re going to be that “run kids around” mum who’d run this compact 7 seater only within suburban limits.

Don’t expect racing performance from it, but good fuel efficiency. Oh yeah, as we said earlier, the BR-V rides brilliantly and the handling is so good that it’ll shame some sedans. It can gulp up bumps well, and won’t even make a hassle about it. I had no problems taking it on uneven roads, even Midrands pothole infested roads, but having said that, it isn’t built for this purpose. Luckily, Honda hasn’t bothered with low-rolling resistance tyres, as these ones offers adequate bite in normal scenarios.

For me as a mum that have kids with plentiful friends, there’s something that works in the BR-V’s favour big time – the way the cabin has been packaged. Now, no manufacturer has been successful in packing enough space for seven passengers in a 4.5m SUV. Honda has. It has three rows of seating, and even if you, a full-grown adult, and if you find yourself sitting in the third row, you’d not have your knees sticking into your chin. You’d be comfortable.

BR-V’s all-black cabin looks cozy and I have no issues with quality of materials, in fact all black makes it look neat and classy. There is Bluetooth connectivity, steering controls, electric mirrors and the necessities todays buyer may totally appreciate. I think the BRV is styled to appeal to a specific audience, and doesn’t look like a global model like most of its rivals do,  however I must say that the only angle that it looks really intimidating from is when looking at it head-on. Having said that, there’s one way in which the BR-V can sweep rivals clean off their feet-with its pricing. Honda manages to give theirs customer’s huge discounts on an advantageous purchase over its chief rivals, hence it is still a strong competitor and stands more than a fighting chance. Speak to our well-trained and knowledgeable consultants for more information on the all new Honda BR-V

By Desh Pillay Bechan