The next generation Honda Civic Type R will do things differently. It’ll embrace forced-induction, breaking the normally-aspirated trend of its famous successors. Late last year Honda announced that the new engine employed will develop “in excess” of 206kW. The automaker announced that the Type R Concept will be on display at the Geneva Motor Show.

Honda Civic Type R - Surf4cars

Its styling isn’t different from the original teaser shots Honda released when the model was undergoing testing. The Civic still looks like a funky rocket ship. Its arches are flared and the rear is graced by a large spoiler. Buyers can expect the production version in 2015.

Honda NSX - Surf4cars

Also on display at Geneva is the Honda NSX, which we saw locally at last year’s Johannesburg International Motor Show (JIMS). It features a V6 engine, turbocharged, supplemented by an electric motor. On the green front, expect to see the FCEV. It’s a glimpse of their next-generation fuel cell electric vehicle, set to launch in the US and Japan in 2015.

Honda FCEV - Surf4cars

But much like you probably are, we’re keenest to see more of that striking Civic Type R.