Honda HR-V: Born to perform.

Honda HR-V:  Born to perform.

So, its officially confirmed, I am totally hooked on SUVs or crossovers. But that’s only because Honda Rivonia has yet again offered for me to test drive the HRV and true to their word, this is a unique launch that cannot even compare to many SUVs in its class even though every manufacturer is coming out with their very own version, I must admit that this sector is thriving and people are just loving these new releases.

Honda’s HR-V sits just beside or rather below the gorgeous and well received CR-V. That said, I am confidently admitting that Honda will certainly make its mark now more so then ever before with this crossover addition.

This gorgeous Hybrid recreational vehicle, not really a hybrid, but abbreviated from the Hybrid, the Honda HRV rival’s crossovers such as the Nissan Qashqai and the Hyundai Creta but with many more features that allows it to stand out.

Women who are elegance conscious, expect that it’s not much different in its looks to its sister SUV the CR-V., but it boasts a bold front with a sedan styling at the rear. It’s a beautiful looking car with its stunningly defined lines and hidden rear door handles. Get inside and you will be pleased to discover its spacious interior with its adjustable height seating that most find appealing in today’s purchasing decision. The soft comfortable leather feel lends and extreme luxurious feeling of which I especially mentally noted to relate in my review.

In line with its competitors, with the seats up you get 393 – litres boot storage capacity and yes it’s not massive but sure is adequate. With comfortable seating and a smooth drive you don’t notice the speed on an open road but can certainly feel the solidarity even during some heavy strong winds in which I had to drive through.

The HR-V shows off two different models, the 1,5 i_VTEC, 88 kW and 145 N.m of torque and a claimed fuel consumption of just 6,2 litres/100 km, And the 1,8 i-VTEC with its 105 kW of 172 N.m of torque and claimed fuel consumption of 6,-8-litres/100km a consumption of just over 9l/100km is highly probable in tough weather conditions. Both models are pair off to a CVT box.

The 1,5 Comfort comes with electric windows and mirrors, remote central locking, air-conditioning, cruise control, a multi-function steering wheel and multi-information trip computer as well as a 5-inch monitor. The 1,8 Elegance expands on the leather upholstery and leather-trimmed steering wheel, automatic climate control, heated front seats and a rear armrest. The 5-inch monitor is replaced by a 7-inch touch-screen display with a rear-view camera. The Honda HR-V is obtainable in seven colours.

When it comes to Honda, you cannot beat its dependability factor and so with its perfect size and attractive styling and especially if you want to sit higher on the road I would highly recommend this release for your next driving option.

Desh Bechan