The Honda offering in the Compact SUV segment is none other than the stylish, modern H-RV. The abbreviation officially stands for High Rider Vehicle, but has also been used to denote the H-RV as a “Hybrid Recreational Vehicle”, which is a perfect summary of what it is.

Wendy Badenhorst, a dedicated and enthusiastic member of the Honda Eastrand family, notes that she has been driving the H-RV for more than a year and a half and has developed a strong bond with the brand and this specific vehicle. Being a particular fan of the vehicles smooth drive and its ability to cater to the young people’s SUV market, Wendy feels that the H-RV is not only perfect for the young executive, but feels it has an especially empowering feel for the independent woman.

My guide around the H-RV is Danny Sibanda, who has been with Honda Eastrand for the past three years and has built up an incredible product knowledge. His feelings around the H-RV relates predominantly to it’s spacious, quality interior and the wonderful luxurious drive which he feels is perfect for the modern individual, looking for a reliable vehicle that allows for adventure and pure driving contentment.

I love the look of the H-RV and the fact that despite its nature as a compact Sport Utility Vehicle, it has ample head and leg room in the back; I sit comfortably even with the front seats pushed all the way back. In the driver’s seat, I feel wonderfully supported by the comfortable seating, and enjoy the soft-touch finishes inside the cabin. Thanks to a centre mounted fuel tank design, the front of the H-RV is just as spacious. With a sophisticated interior that is brought to a focal point in a well-appointed dashboard, the H-RV comes equipped with all the bells and whistles needed from an infotainment perspective. The drive height is perfect for me, and I have great visibility. Thanks to reverse cameras and parking assist, I find parking (especially at the busy mall) a breeze, and the vehicle controls with ease. Steering is lightweight and responsive, and I enjoy the way the vehicle manoeuvres in and out of traffic.

The 1.8 litre variant I am driving is fitted with the i-VTEC engine that produces 105 kW and 172 Nm torque to give a satisfying take-off. The team at Honda Eastrand notes that thanks to this superb engine design, the fuel consumption is low, noted at 6.8 litres to every 100 kilometres. This fits in incredibly well in our current financial environment and will be such a benefit to the growing family, the young entrepreneur or executive.

Simon Edwards, Dealer Principal at Honda Eastrand followed up my test drive of the H-RV with the offer to take a Honda for my long-haul test drive: watch this space for a detailed review coming in January next year. My excitement to drive another excellent Honda vehicle is matched only by my enthusiasm to continue working with this incredible, generous dealership.

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By Desh Bechan