The Jazz has always been a champion of interior packaging, and that continues in the new generation, which still features Honda’s upward-folding ‘Magic Seats’, made possible by positioning the fuel tank beneath the front seats.

Honda has surprisingly bought back the most unique element of the Jazz: Magic Seats. These are the multi-purpose seats which have 18 different configurations to change the car’s interior space to completely flat.

Japanese automaker Honda has unveiled its all-new Jazz at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. Honda’s fourth-gen hatchback Jazz, sold as the Fit in the US and Japan, is coming to India after the Auto Expo 2020. The new Jazz is scheduled to go on sale from early next year.

Although still constrained by the cab-forward profile, the new Jazz does have a sharper exterior design than its demure predecessor, with contrasting roof colours now also on offer. There’s also an SUV-inspired version called the Crosstar, which boasts a raised ride height, roof rails, unique frontal design and even water-resistant upholstery.

Honda has not gone into detail on the engine options as yet, but we do know that a hybrid drivetrain will be offered as standard in Europe, while other markets will continue to have that as an option alongside conventional petrol motors.

Inside the new Jazz we see a minimalist design inspired by the Honda e electric vehicle. The Jazz now features a partially digital instrument cluster as well as a new LCD touchscreen infotainment system with swipe controls for browsing recently uses applications – and there are a lot of on-board apps as well as full smartphone mirroring.

Honda also redesigned the front seats to make life more comfortable on longer journeys, replacing the springs with a new mat-structure support, while a thicker seat pad aims to do the same for rear seat occupants.

On the tech front, a new and wider-angled, as well as higher-definition, camera replaces the previous radar and camera set-up to create more effective suite of driver assistance gadgets. The Adaptive Cruise Control system, for instance, can now follow traffic at low speeds and applies Lane Keep Assist on city roads as well as highways. The Collision Mitigation Brake System is improved too, now with the ability to detect pedestrians and cyclists when there is no street lighting. The system can also apply brakes when oncoming cars turn into the path of the Jazz.

However, the Luxe variant, as its name suggests, is the most luxurious of all. The exterior comes with platinum chrome-plated elements and 16-inch alloy wheels. The interior fitment of the new Honda Jazz’s Luxe variant includes leather seats as standard. Sounds like an absolute dream.

By Noni Nchwe