Did you realize that Honda sells diesel-fueled vehicles in Europe? I didn’t, yet of course I also didn’t realize that Honda sold a rebadged rendition of the Arrangement 1 Land Rover Discovery, otherwise known as the least Honda-like vehicle ever, during the 1990s.

Honda Engine Co Ltd said on Monday it would eliminate all diesel vehicles by 2021 for models with electric impetus frameworks, as the Japanese automaker moves to jolt the majority of its European autos by 2025.

Honda is the most recent carmaker to slice creation of diesel autos to meet stringent worldwide emanations guidelines. The arrangement is a piece of its long-haul objective to make electric autos, including all battery-electric vehicles, to represent 66% of its line up by 2030 from under 10% at this point.

Honda’s move follows the 2017 announcement by Volvo Cars that it will cease developing next-generation diesel engines. Volkswagen also has indicated cutbacks in diesel development.

For Honda, declining interest for diesel vehicles and harder emanations guidelines have blurred its assembling prospects in Europe. Honda said in February it would close its lone English vehicle plant in 2021 with the loss of up to 3500 occupations.

By one year from now, as indicated by European Association emanation targets, CO2 must be sliced to 95 grams for every km for 95% of vehicles from the current 120.5 gram normal, an assume that has expanded recently as customers spurn eco-friendly diesels and grasp SUVs. Every new vehicle in the EU must be consistent in 2021.

Japan’s third greatest carmaker has said it would cut the quantity of vehicle model varieties to 33% of ebb and flow contributions by 2025, decreasing worldwide creation costs by 10% and diverting those investment funds toward cutting edge innovative work.

Despite the sale of diesel engines being phased out, production of the 1.6 i-DTEC engine is likely to continue in the UK. The engine will be installed on the versions intended for countries outside the EU that have less strict emission requirements: for example, Thailand, India, the Philippines.

According to a report Monday by Reuters, Honda will discontinue sales of all of its diesel products in Europe by 2021 with the end goal of electrifying its whole lineup there by 2025. That’s a pretty lofty goal considering that Honda doesn’t necessarily offer the kind of variety of hybrid models that its rival Toyota does, nor does it have the electric vehicle manufacturing experience of Nissan. That said, Honda does have its little E city car coming to market there before too long.

By Noni Nchwe