As a result of the latest coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 outbreak, public gatherings across the globe, including auto shows, motor sports competitions and other meetings, will be postponed or cancelled. Here, the effects of the coronavirus and its effect on the car world have been brought together in every major creation. We have already experienced fluctuating fuel costs, cancelled car shows and sporting events, as well as slow down car sales and new vehicle launching.

Coronavirus was always inevitable to disrupt the car supply chain, which was first stressed in early February by the Autovista Community. The length and extent of effect are now the subject of questions, but without answers so far. The effect on industry is evident from the spread of the virus. The decline in efficiency in the automotive industry and disruptive automotive supply chains have already impacted demand and supply for new cars as well as registrations.

Manufacturers have prevented the upcoming launch of the Covid-19 outbreak related security issues. This follows on from President Cyril Ramaphosa’s declaration on Sunday of a state of disaster. The coronavirus outbreak has contributed to the closure of several car manufacturing operations in the global region. In the following two weeks, TimesLIVE Motoring will cover six car events— five new models.

The situation changes every day with many social and economic implications, not least. Just considering what reacted in recent days on the financial markets, including a pause in New York on trade (9 March), the degree to which the coronavirus could affect a country’s economy can be easily imagined.

The Suzuky S-Presso was set for national media attention in Western Cape. Renault and Datsun direct rivals surpass the starting price of R134,900. In January we sampled the tyke at its world launch in India and were mostly impressed with the expectation that it would go better than those two peers in crash tests.

Lexus was preparing to reveal its latest UX crossover range: a more realistic EX specification of 250h. Sister division Toyota in the same province has been ready to unleash their stunning Corolla sedans, possibly this country’s most enticing version.

Obviously, these delays are the tip of this catastrophe. In automotive industry, the true consequences of Covid-19 will be understood only in full time. It is likely that it will impact production, sales and increased tapestry. This is a tale that evolves in all fields. Our goal is to keep you updated and, on the move, and we will continue to look closely at mobility issues.

By Noni Nchwe