Overall car infotainment systems have gotten better over the last few years and not just because Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have created a familiar and consistent standard no matter which car you drive.

Buying a car should be a pleasant process and after hours of research and test drives all you want to do is just get out there and drive your car.

But in a few days, you notice that when you try to make and receive calls via the Bluetooth system it’s a huge hassle even after pairing your phone, or the navigation system seems to be slow and confusing. Or getting apps that are supposed to be compatible with the car is a major problem.

However, did you take the time to test the infotainment system before you bought the car? Here is a quick checklist to ensure you fully understand your new car:

Pair your phone – download your contacts and make and receive calls. Check that the Bluetooth system works.

Check the navigation system – Does it work with voice command? Ask about map updates as well.

Smartphone integration – Check if it allows you to access apps on your phone and check which apps are available.

All of the above takes time, but it’s really worth it in the long run. Rather do the proper checks than end up with an infotainment system that you hate.

By Wanita Wallace