Traffic congestion is increasing in South Africa and if additional roads are not built to accommodate the extra traffic, it will eventually create additional challenges for motorists and consequently safety on the roads.

Frustration levels and road rage increases due to these challenges, which ultimately results in reckless driving and the possible risk of accidents by cutting off and blocking other drivers, because motorists are eager to get to their destinations.

To avoid the frustration, you can possibly avoid traffic altogether by using a traffic app to assist you. Traffic apps provide real-time information by warning you about traffic conditions or if there are any accidents ahead. Apps such as Google Maps, Waze, TrafficSA and Traffic Reports can suggest alternative routes or indicate how much extra time you need to add to your trip, if you prefer to use the same route.

Although traffic apps can assist you in finding alternative routes, eliminating heavy traffic altogether is almost impossible and highly unlikely, especially if some roads are closed indefinitely due to roadworks. Most of the latest cars come with technology that is focused on reducing fuel consumption and some even have navigation, stop/start technology and adaptive cruise control. By using this technology you have at your disposal, you can improve the challenges of traffic congestion, and simultaneously save yourself time and money.

By Wanita Wallace