Across the U.K, people’s livelihoods continue to be severely disrupted by the COVID-19 outbreak; whereby on a daily basis we face an invisible enemy – the threat of contracting SARS-CoV-2 – a war that shows no signs of dissipating. Therefore, we must focus on winning the small battles and that which is in our control: namely hygiene and cleanliness.

COVID-19 infection-prevention: social distancing, wearing a 3-ply facial mask, regular hand-washing as well as maintaining a high standard of order and cleanliness within our immediate environment…predominantly our homes and our vehicles. Eighty-percent of infections are caused by cross-contamination as microorganisms are unintentionally transferred from one substance, surface or object to another including human-beings. Therefore, disrupt both the route and mode of transfer – mainly our hands – and you reduce your risk of contracting an illness by up to seventy-percent. Make a list of every area of your vehicle that is a cross-contamination hot-spot for germs – there is a minimum of forty areas. Wearing protective gloves is not a full-proof prophylaxis against pathogen transfer. Recent studies reveal wearing surgical gloves creates a false-sense of security and negatively impacts on a person’s hygiene habits. The study further revealed that regular hand-washing and sanitising is ten-times more effective. It is recommended you give your car a deep clean – starting on the outside as well as a valet steam-clean on the inside. After a water-jet wash of the HVAC ventilation system to flush-out mold and fungi – replace the air-filters. Car air-conditioning systems can harbour meningitis, urinary-tract, influenza, conjunctivitis causing pathogens. Purchase a few cheap tooth-brushes and a set of teapot/kettle-spout mini-brushes. Use the tooth-brushes to clean the grooves, perforated surfaces or control-switches of your steering-wheel, foot-pedals and gear-lever. The mini spout-brushes clean hard-to-reach areas of your steering-column, electric window control unit, utility areas, cupholders and the glove box. You may want to consider investing in a steering-wheel sheath and car-chair covers that are removeable and washable. Wipe-down hard surfaces, especially the safety-belt, with 70% isopropyl-alcohol disinfectant wipes – keep these in good supply as you will also need them for your hands.

Your vehicle remains a small area to defend against germs, therefore the stricter your hygiene and the more you practice; the better your chances of winning your personal war in preventing the spread of infections.

Written by Dean Joseph