Hyundai Elantra Sport – Grinning and Growling


What a gorgeous, sexy car! That was honestly the first thing I thought when I saw the new Hyundai Elantra Sport standing on the showroom floor at Imperial Hyundai The Glen. I was immediately aware of the complete change in design style, from standard classy sedan, to a more aggressively styled – with bucket loads more appeal – Sport-sedan crossover. The newly appointed New Car Sales Manager, Mandy Kleinhans, brings many years’ experience and knowledge to the table as she introduces me to the Hyundai brand which she passionately serves. Her gracious explanation is evidence of her broad understanding of the motoring industry as a whole, and the specific niche which Hyundai caters for.

The magnificent design of the Elantra is truly eye-catching – making use of what Hyundai calls, “fluidic sculpture”, the Elantra has been styled to embody energy and clean-cut lines inspired by nature. It has an arresting gaze from the front (with its unique, flirtatious grille) and confident, athletic lines at the back that speak volumes about its “Sport” badge. This theme is carried through to the interior, with leather stitched bucket seats and stunning, luxurious lay out that seems to encompass every need. It is roomy and comfortable in the front, as well as for passengers in the back

Under the bonnet, a powerful engine lies peacefully waiting for me to bring it to life. With a push-button start system, the Elantra awakes, instantly alert. While I still have my door open, I get a decidedly thrilling kick out of the deep, growling engine sound as I tap the accelerator. Definitely not just a sedan, I find myself thinking, and then – after closing my door – note the pleasure of significantly decreased cabin sounds. The distinctive sporty roar from the engine is effectively subdued inside, and as I ease the vehicle out onto the road, I marvel at how deceptively humble it feels.

As though I have been reigning in a racehorse champing at the bit, I take the cue to release the beast, and floor the accelerator to get a feel for the “Sport” aspect of the Elantra. I am honestly pleasantly surprised by the quick and hard response, throwing the vehicle ahead with that gratifying growl from the engine. Kicking out between 95 and 150 KW of power at about 6000 rpm (and upwards of 155 NM of Torque) the Elantra is definitely living up to the Sport badge it proudly displays, with crisp gear shifts and instant response to my urging. The steering also gives great feedback, making it easy for me to drive intuitively, leaving the vehicle moving almost as in anticipation of what I want it to do. With excellent braking ability to boot, this car certainly makes for an incredible crossover from sedan to performance vehicle.

Not limited to its Sporty nature, the Elantra still boasts the great features that make it a phenomenal family vehicle, including fantastic safety features and all the technology you need. It is spacious and generous with its comfort levels. Seeming like a very refined race car, the Elantra certainly has me grinning as I return to the dealership in the Glen. Between the engine growls and my wide grins, I am completely won over by the powerful, responsive engine, so elegantly contained in such a lovely, sophisticated body.

The Hyundai package doesn’t stop there, however, as I am handed over to the Dealer Principal, Sean Simpson, who brings a refined bottom line to my driving experience – underlining the dealerships’ commitment to offering the best possible service to their clients, Sean echoes the words of Mandy Kleinhans in presenting their dedication and loyalty to a brand that represents quality, reliability and innovation, all in one.

Hyundai The Glen can be contacted on 011 435 0770; situated at Corner Boundary Road, opposite Comaro Crossing, the Glen, this dealership has proved to be exceptionally helpful, client-oriented and service driven.

By Desh Pillay Bechan