Being quite familiar with the Hyundai brand (having driven a Hyundai Atos for half a decade in my past), I always feel quite connected to the Hyundai compact car segment. This month, Hyundai the Glen showcased the new i10 to me for review, which has become an incredibly popular vehicle on the South African car market.

I love the look of the i10 with it’s stylish, compact body that has been aerodynamically designed; the new clear headlight cluster is good-looking but also practical in increasing your visibility and night-vision, and fits seamlessly into the vehicles fluid design. On the new i10, the side mirrors also come with stylish indicator repeaters which add even more flair to the car, and 7-spoke 14-inch wheels round off the sporty look of the vehicle.

Inside the cabin, the dash has been formulated rather cleverly to be functional and practical, with everything in the right place and conveniently within reach. Furthermore, it looks neat and modern, and the cabin itself feels quite spacious, with sufficient head and leg room all round. High-quality finishes are testimony to the Hyundai philosophy of “New Thinking/New Possibilities”. The boot is ample for the vehicle’s class, and the rear seats fold down in seconds to provide more space. One of my favourite features in the Hyundai is the subtle and discreet storage tray beneath the front seat, which not only provides safe keeping of your valuables, but is easily accessible for when you need it.

The i10 also comes standard with an integrated Bluetooth Audio System which promotes driver-concentration by allowing hands on the wheel whilst making or receiving phone calls; perfect for the music-lovers too, is the user-friendly aux and USB-input for playing your favourite tunes. A cool added bonus feature on the i10 is the heated side mirrors that enhance your safety by preventing fogs ups and lack of visibility in extreme weather (and mirrors are now body-colour-coded for further style). There is also a host of awesome high-quality accessories available, ranging from bonnet guards, roof racks and storage boxes, to additional front and rear park assist.

With a starting price of R154 900 for the 2017 i10, this vehicle is tipped to not only be incredibly affordable at purchase, but has a great reputation for being economical on the road. The engine range features Constantly Variable Valve Technology, making for a dynamic and efficient experience by measuring every drop of fuel used. Not only is the i10 environmentally friendly (emitting just 114 grams per kilometre in the 1.1 litre manual), but also returns 4.8 litres to every 100 kilometres, putting less strain on your bank balance. Taking all of this into account, the i10 presents itself as an ideal first-vehicle, student vehicle or small family vehicle; as always, Hyundai has delivered on it’s promises of reliability and customer satisfaction in this fantastic little vehicle.

The dealership contact details are: Hyundai the Glen for more info on current specials, i10 variants and great deals on all Hyundai vehicles.


By Desh Bechan